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"Magewinter is, buy and large, a college town. It's small and a bit crowded, but otherwise very welcoming."


Magewinter attracts academics of all kinds, so the demographic is... nerds, I guess. It's also rather low-profile, so it also attracts a healthy dose of runaways and scoundrels looking to lay low.


M.A.A. manages the town, since it's a fairly self-contained locale. A secondary Mayor manages the town in tandem with the school. The actual leadership is a bit... muddy. Which is fine for most residents, who are mostly students.


Magewinter, on the exterior, doesn't seem to have a lot of defensive infrastructure. Which is odd. You'd think they'd have something to protect their students (most of whom live in Magewinter). Perhaps it's simply that it's not attacked very often.


The town has a simple watermill from a minor river, but when the flow is low, the town still stays powered. Strange.   There's also a very big minerail system that both the town and the school uses, it acts essentially as an above-ground train system but in a minecart rather than a train car. Mostly it's used for the large yard behind the Academy, which is used for magical experiments and tests.


Magewinter is surprisingly well-funded, especially since it has to split its funding with the M.A.A. The smattering of shops and taverns, mixed with money from the royal family, gives the town a very cushy economy. They can afford to do a lotta weird shit.

Guilds and Factions

Besides the M.A.A. Township Council, there isn't really much in the way of guilds or factions in Magewinter. There's small school clubs that run within the town, but nothing that changes the direction or agenda of it.


Magewinter was established before the M.A.A. It was built on a large deposit of strange quartz crystal, which was theorized to have magical properties.   It didn't, but it makes the place glow during the nighttime, which is nice.   When the school came along (around 300 AGB) it took over the town, as it flooded with academics. The school found a new leader in Professor Alabastra, who also founded the Township Council branch of the M.A.A.   For several centuries there wasn't much to say about the town! Students and their families lived there, had their own celebrations, won a few international competitions, all that good stuff.   When the war started, the students (and in turn, the town) was largely sheltered from the war effort. The only strange thing that happened was a platoon of Estel soldiers and the King himself paid a visit to Professor Alabastra, apparently to start some project that no one knows the details of. She's been working on that project to this day.


You can tour the school, but that's... about it. There's also a small cavern about a mile out of town with some truly gorgeous crystals.


The architecture is surprisingly modern and Elvish, somewhat moreso than Estellarum.

Founding Date
232 AGB
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization
Magewinter Academy of the Arcane
Characters in Location

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