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Celestial Spire/Skottya Mill

Purpose / Function

The Skottya Mill was built with the intention of acting as a tower to the gods, and literally does so. It is said that those who climb to the very top of Skottya Mill are said to have been transported to the Deific Plane, either for punishment or to take an offer from the gods.


There are none. Skottya mill has stood for nearly a millenium untouched, and not ever ruined.


The architecture is positively ancient and of, currently, unknown. Theorized to have been built by the Avariel, or the angel elves, servants and messengers of the gods.


It has been on Tu'ril for as long as any people can remember.


No one is allowed to climb it unless they have explicit permission by Edna Wellens, the elder of Skottya.

Founding Date
Unknown, definitely during EoGB
Alternative Names
The Godmill
Parent Location

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