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"If you're looking for a bustling trade/then take your business else-where, mate!/For there's no other town/that loses its crowd/like old Stagbell!"


Stagbell is mostly human and halfling, with a few elven families and a couple other, "rarer" folks moving in more recently.


Stagbell is currently run by Mayor Milo Schnapps, a charming elderly halfling man.


Before the war, it had a small fence-wall going around the town. Now after the war, the soldiers put up a heavy log-wall around the entire town and leading into their military camp.


A milling town, selling rice and rice-flour to northeastern Nobliya. A small section of shepherds also export mutton and wool-thread.


It's a milling town, set near the mountains where many a rice paddy grow just above the town, along the mountainside. The mills sit on the flat ground, and are powered by offshoots of the Greater Stella River, which runs through the mountains.


Recently, it's been doubling as a military camp, so among its current peasantry farming equipment are now Estellarum-issue armor and weaponry.

Guilds and Factions

Milo Schnapps took it upon himself when he became mayor to establish a local guardforce, mostly made up of the more classically-trained farmers and former soldiers that had come to settle in this little town. They call themselves the Stags, and they are called into action when anyone is causing a disruption in town. A lot of them are rather long in the tooth at this stage, as most of them are old friends of Milo.


Stagbell is rather new, at least by the standards of its surroundings. The town is a little under 150 years old, and not much has happened in that short time besides recent events such as the war itself. Milo Schnapps has been the mayor for as long as most folks can remember, and he's a favorite leader of the townsfolk. It's a very quiet town.


Though there is not much of a tourist segment for this town, occasionally people will come into Stagbell as a stopping-off point before heading into Westrange territory, or to take a gander at the strange... tower, up north from the town. No one knows what the hell that tower is for.


Stagbellian architecture is a blend of halfling in-ground cottages and human-style peasant cabins and housing. It's quaint!


Up against the Westrange Mountains, falls down into the valley on the south side of the range. Right there on the cusp of rocky and grassland. Beautiful.

Natural Resources

The Stagbellians grow rice and other grains if they can find them, and they have a good supply of wood from the outskirts of the Pentaire Forest, though few ever venture beyond those outskirts.

Founding Date
600 AGB
Alternative Name(s)
Bellerophon Stand
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Included Locations
Milo Schnapps
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization
Estel Empire

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