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"The gnomish metropolis of Zekadas rivals only Estellarum for the largest and busiest city in the whole of Nobliya. Every day the workshops are lit up like a Candlenights tree, as the inventors and techsmiths go to work building the greatest contraptions this side of the Iliari Sea."


Zekadas is primarily gnomish and dwarvish, with a few corners of the city full of "outcast" races such as orcs, kobolds, and tieflings.


Zekadas is run as a democratic society, where a new head-of-city is elected every 20 years. The leader, called Timekeeper, keeps the city on schedule from its literal clock tower that watches over Zekadas.


Zekadas is surrounded on all sides by walls, with massive turrets designed by the city's own war council. From the outside, the city is practically impenetrable, even more so than Estellarum.


Zekadas's industry is made up mostly of its technological marvels that it sells out to its neighboring small towns so that they have enough protection. Most of its inhabitants are tinkers, inventors, metalworkers and mechanics.


Zekadas has an extremely effective railway system built for them by an ambassador from Halruaa. The service stretches from end to end of the city, allowing its denizens to cut their commute time from hours to minutes.


Previous to the civil war, Zekadas was funded healthily by the Nobliyan Royalty in order to pursue their increasing innovations in technology. After all, the city was home to Nobliya's main defence research and development facilities.   Now, in the aftermath of the war, things have changed. Zekadas' ever-forward progress has slowed, dramatically. The heads of the Westrange Rebellion are doing what they can, but at the end of the day the Clocktown has lost its former glory.

Guilds and Factions

There's five different and disparate districts in Zekadas, each swayed by their respective tinker's guild. Hope Guild is responsible for the Gold District, Mantis for the Steel District, Echo for the Iron District, Orchid for the Bronze District, and Storm for the Tin District.


Zekadas is only a few decades younger than Estellarum, and its extensive industrial history reflects this. Zekadas began as a simple unionization of five well-established gnome families, all of whom had something to bring to the table. The city began as five houses in a circle, and expanded outwards as the families grew in population. When Nobliya became a full-blown nation, Zekadas became the country's center of industry. As the country expanded, so too did the city. To... facilitate the country's expansion, Zekadas began producing war machines and weapons en masse, and they still do to this day, but not for the country anymore.   The people of Zekadas were disenfranchised when King Fenmyar came into power. Their work orders suddenly doubled as the new ruler set his sights on conquest, and they were having approximately none of his nonsense. How convenient, then, when a rebellion erupts on their side of the mountains. Altogether, the families of Zekadas abandoned the crown in favor of the cause. Today, the workshops are still lit up, but they work for themselves more than ever, now.


Zekadas is the only city in Nobliya with an extensive railway system, so that in itself is a bit of a tourist attraction. Besides that, there's the Nobliyan Museum of Science and Technology, where the older models of machinery are displayed for all to see. The iconic Clock Tower would be a touristy draw, if it was open to the public. But since the tower is both the city hall and the home of the Timekeeper, it isn't out in the open.


Zekadas is designed after modernized gnomish styles that rose with the city's expansion.


Zekadas is built into the steppes overlooking the dusty wasteland of the Maw. The ground is generally sandstone and layered, which is a rather soft stone.

Founding Date
167 AGB
Alternative Name(s)
The Clocktown, Gnometropolis
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization
Westrange Rebellion

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