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Leadlined Tower

Purpose / Function

The Leadlined Tower was built by a collection of Fae nobles and other high-ranking fae within the Seelie Court. It was designed as a prison for certain fae that didn't follow the rules.


Its defenses have been increased over the years, with special laser crystals being its latest edition, to keep up with its prisoner's antics.


The architecture is entirely fae in nature, which is why a large portion of its neighboring inhabitants do not understand the purpose it serves.


From its inception, the Leadlined Tower has hold several prisoners of fae crimes. In the past, its captives were fairy P.O.W.s, traitors to the fae queen, and scoundrels that threaten to release secrets. Now, its sole inhabitant is one very small and rather quiet book sprite. No one is certain of why she is imprisoned.


This is not a tourist location. From the outside, it seems all but abandoned. Sometimes children play pretend around it, but no one goes to this place to visit.

Founding Date
300 AGB
Alternative Names
Spritz' Tower
Parent Location

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