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Ren's Faire

"The port city of Ren's Faire is the busiest, melting-pottiest place you can visit in Nobliya. Folks of every culture, from every walk of life, find themselves there seeking work, or passage, or pleasure. And the town itself is beautiful."


Ren's Faire has the most variety out of any settlement in Nobliya. Tieflings, tabaxi, fae folk, goliaths, any and all are welcome in the Port City.


Ren's Faire is governed by an ex-pirate lord and his crew of just (but chaotic) ex-pirates. The lord, named Ren, oversees his crew, who manage different parts of the city, such as the treasury and the local law enforcement. The latter is rather lax. These are ex-pirates we're talking about.


The city has its own small fleet of naval ships headed by one of the council members. The coastal side of the city is nearly impenetrable, both with the navy and with the sheer number of large vessels that cover the shipyard and docks. You'll never find an empty gap to attack.


Ren's Faire makes its money on ship chartering and the transport of goods and passengers. Couriers and captains alike make their trade and take commission to move Stuff (with a small portion of their commission going to the council.


Ren's Faire has an impressive sewer system and an internal "electric" system powered by something below the city. A sort of magical conduit, if you will. The true nature of this conduit is unknown at the time, as it's a closely-guarded secret by Ren and his council.   As for other infrastructure, the city sports the largest shipyard and port in Nobliya, and it responsible for nearly all exports and imports on the east side of the country.


Rumor has it that Ren and his council are sitting on their old stolen treasure hoard to fund the city and its infrastructure, but this has never been proven. They pay their ultimate tithes to the Nobliyan royalty not in currency, but often in fine gems and jewelry.


Ren's Faire was initially a tiny port village, the often repeated target of a malicious pirate lord, Rennelir, who was just doing it for kicks at the time. The story goes that one day, an elder of the village came out to confront Rennelir head-on, and told him that the port village's patron goddess, Marean, our Lady of the Seaspray, would punish him for his insolence. Rennelir laughed and continued his raid for the day, then left on his old ship.   Whether it was Marean herself that caused it or some other part of nature, Rennelir's ship capsized that same night. Rennelir washed up on the shores of Oyster Island, home to the largest temple to the sea goddess ever erected. Stricken by the tragedy and thoroughly frightened of her, Rennelir began to pray to Marean for a chance to redeem himself. They say that our Lady of the Seaspray took pity on the terrified pirate lord, and gave him an ultimatum - abandon piracy and take charge of the port village as a benevolent leader, or continue, and never sail the oceans with her blessing ever again.   Rennelir took the former option. He changed his name to just Ren, and sailed back to the port village on a ramshackle raft, to find himself greeted by his crew. They had all survived the capsize, and were swept back to these shores by a strange, divine current. Ren was overjoyed, but was reminded by the village elder that he had not come back to continue his ways.   Ren pledges his service to the elder and to the village itself, and his crew follows in his model. He starts to build up the village, with the aid of his crew, and takes over as the village leader after the elder's passing. He leads the settlement, in all its phases, with compassion, valuing its people over its profits. Though he retains his mischievous nature, his days of crimes against innocent villages are over, as he oversees the growth and thriving of Ren's Faire, named after him.


Ren's Faire, since it attracts so many folks from so many walks of life, has a lot of foreign cultural attractions for the average Nobliyan.  

  • Travelling circus shows make appearances in Ren's Faire nearly every other week, making their tents on the city's neighboring beaches.
  • The beaches themselves! Lush sand, even the odd shipwreck to explore. Full of excitement!
  • The city has some marvelous structures and establishments, such as the Ruby-Sea Suite hotel, or the fanciful Gematrix Tattoo Parlor.
  Besides that, if you're interested in exploring the city, there's hundreds of hole-in-the-wall places to find. Just don't end up in the sewers!


Ren himself is a Tiefling, and the port village he initially came to was elven, so the architecture became a blend of elvish and infernal stylization. Infernal designs were never truly evil, but certain parts of town can look a bit... sinister.


Ren's Faire is a coastal city. Sandy, hot, grassy. That's it.

Natural Resources

Fish? Ren's Faire makes most of its money through the people and the resources they bring. Not much else after that.

Founding Date
522 AGB
Alternative Name(s)
The Port City, Menagerie Port
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Owning Organization
Ren's Post-Piracy Council

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