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Pentaire Village

"The Pentaire Village is rather idyllic, for a Tabaxi den. Most of the Tabaxi you meet in cities are riff-raff, but... the folks in Pentaire? Very civilized. Even moreso than the average furless noble, heh."


Pentaire Village is, almost exclusively, populated by Tabaxi. Particularly, those who live in Pentaire are part of the Pentaire Kings' collective clowder.


Pentaire Village is overseen by the five Pentaire Kings, blood brothers and merchant experts that keep the village safe and profitable.


By being so remote and deep in the lush Pentaire Forest, the village is well-protected. Not so from bandits, which the village tends to have tons of problems with each year.


Like I said before, ~Spices!~   As well as some animal hides and each individual often takes work as a guide through the Pentaire Forest, either into the village or out of it.


Pentaire Village is made up of interconnecting tree-houses and woven plant-fiber platforms that crisscross over the center of the forest, where a large fountain is. This fountain was built by King Miraqen himself, as an offering of friendship with Pentaire and the Tabaxi people as a whole.


Pentaire Village trades ~Spices!~   No really, that's their main asset. The spices that they either import from Sakrentos up north or grow themselves in their special climate.


The Pentaire Kings first showed up in the forest that would come to be named after them around 478 AGB, and established their own trading outposts. As the outpost grew in size they started to gain more and more attention from Nobliyan royals, who had no idea this outpost was in their own backyard, since the Pentaire Kings had traveled by ship out of Sakrentos when they landed in the forest.   In 495, Pentaire Village was recorded and recognized as an official Nobliyan trade outpost and town, and a fine friendship was forged. Five years later, the Royal Fountain was gifted to Pentaire Village, a project by King Miraqen himself. It seemed to set in motion a good 230 years of peaceful relations between the Pentaire Kings and the royalty of Nobliya.   When the war broke out, Pentaire Village was the last to hear about it. Estel Imperial soldiers just... showed up outside the Pentaire Kings' abode, requesting that they provide troops or supplies to support the army. The Kings refused, and King Fenmyar responded by cutting off Nobliya's support to Pentaire Village, which included naval protection. This left the village nearly defenseless from the coastal side.   Pentaire Village hasn't been attacked yet, but a lot of its people know that the Pentaire Kings are very much not universally liked by the other nations of Tu'ril, and that someone coming to settle a score is more than inevitable.


Pentaire Village doesn't get a lot of tourism nowadays, but the Royal Fountain is still a beautiful piece of art! An Elvish centerpiece in a Tabaxi village.


The housing is made of wood and thatching, waterproofed in some cases with imported glass or clay.


Right in the center of a forest that toes the line between deciduous and tropical wetland.

Natural Resources

Exotic woods, fiber, and of course ~Spices!~

Founding Date
495 AGB
Alternative Name(s)
Tabaxi Capitol, The Blood Brothers' Village
Location under
Owning Organization
Pentaire Kings

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