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"The jewel of Nobliya's cities, Estellarum. No one outshines this glimmering city."


Estellarum is primarily elven in demographic, with its second major demographic being human, and the rest mostly minority. It is a big city, however, and even the minorities still have a population of a couple thousand each.


Estellarum is the largest city in Nobliya, bar none. It also has the most royal influence, bar none. This is because Estellarum actually houses the royal palace of the country, as well as the royal dungeons. Virtually everyone living in Estellarum is loyal to the king and to his empirical ideals.


The city of Estellarum is protected by a great wall of stone, and four large iron gates allow entry into the city. The barracks are close to the wall, and the city watchtowers are manned 24/6.


The city of Estellarum has many a strong infrastructure, with large buildings and road crisscrossing the entire place. The sewer system is its latest addition, and gives the city a cleaner, brighter image.   (The sewer is likely also being used as an underground railway for illicit activities, but that's only a minor setback.)

Guilds and Factions

There isn't a lot of public guild activity besides the Eventide Merchant's guild, which runs the Caesamarket. Beneath the surface, however, there are plenty of underground thieves' guilds and even factions of spies working for Westrange. But you'll never find them unless you know where to look, and where to look is never obvious.


Estellarum was founded by the first King of Nobliya over 600 years ago. It grew in size, population, and diversity rapidly, and at present time it's a shining star of progress in the country.   Besides its size and diversity, little has changed about the city. It's still the capitol, and it still stands for Nobliya. Perhaps the one new aspect is the air of secrecy around the royal palace. The King never comes out to greet his subjects, not even during the great festivals. What is he hiding?


There's a great many tourist attractions in Estellarum.  

  • The Miraya Palace often has large public areas that open during special events in Nobliya, such as the King's birthday or the Founding Fest.
  • Estellarum is home to the largest marketplace in the entire continent of Ziemia, the Caesamarket, where hundreds of individual peddlers and established Nobliyan shops come to sell their wares.
  • For those with more high-society tastes, the Snowwell Vale is the most bougie of noble districts, and is home to one of the largest libraries in the country, the Magewinter Archives.
Other than these, large national holidays start in Estellarum before branching out to other towns and settlements. It's always a fun place to be!


Estellarum's architecture is mostly elven, as it was founded when the country as a whole was very young and mostly elven in population.


The city is built in the lowlands near the delta of the Stella River. As such, its built on flat and rather wet land, fortified by stone and metal foundations that were put into the city when the sewer system was added.

Founding Date
109 AGB
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
King Fenmyar Stryven
Owning Organization
Estel Empire

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