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It was supposed to be the End of All Things, except something went terribly wrong. Gods and devils had assembled, ancient evils had stirred and the star aligned, and then nothing went the way it was supposed to - mostly likely through the meddling of adventurers. Something terrible happened and there would be no victories, as the cosmos tore itself apart and collapsed back in on itself. The Planes, once neatly seperated from one another through dimensional barriers and ancient oaths, fragmented and broke. Everything merged into one new whole, the survivors scattered across a strange and enormous world; Ithekshem.   Only decades have passed since the new world disorder set in. Ithekshem is vast beyond any world before it, a melting pot of every plane and every hidden dimension. The old way of things is gone and dead; gods and arch-evils were busy slaying each other as the fabric of reality reorganized around them. Those who survive found themselves different than they'd been before, stripped of power, bereft of their private planes, and left to wander the same broken ground as mortals were.   Now, in a world wracked with change and inhabitants unfamiliar with their surrounding, would be a perfect time for some heroes to arise.  

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Welcome to Ithekshem
Generic article | Sep 27, 2021

Ithekshem is a post-apocalyptic fantasy world, where the apocalypse went horribly wrong. Now everything is one big mess, and the survivors have to pick up the irradiated pieces.