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Welcome to Ithekshem

There used to be an order to the world, but there's none of that left now. The old world died, and a hell of a lot of things went with it.   But we're still here.
  Ithekshem is a post-apocalyptic fantasy world, where the apocalypse went horribly wrong. Every god, every ancient evil, every mad prophet, knew how things were supposed to go. It had been spelled out across the stars since the birth of time and scrawled across a hundred forbidden tomes. Everyone, from dragon to peasant, from elf to elemental, knew that there would be an End Of All Things.   And then, it happened. Across the Planes, great armies gathered, and the gods waged war with arch-devils and demon-lords. In the world of mortal, everything pointed towards the End. So far, so good. But someone, somehow, managed to foul it all up.   Instead of dissolution, or an ultimate victory for one side of the other, the universe cracked. Old rules, such as Gods Are Powerful Beyond Mortal Ken, were obliterated. Immortal terrors found themselves exposed to death and injury. When everyone had really started to panic, it got worse. Every plane, every dimension, every hidden space merged into one even as all great powers were busily murdering each other, only noticing the coming doom when it was too late.   This is Ithekshem - the world just fifty years after the End of All Things. An absolute wreck, sewn together from a thousand different planes from the classic fantasy cosmology, and the stitches are still fresh.    

The Big Picture


A Vast And Weird World

Ithekshem is made from a thousand worlds. The elemental planes, the Abyss, the heavenly realms, all broken apart and smashed into the mortal world and merged into it. As a result, the world is vast, and at the same time, finite - endless realms like the Abyss are now broken and their infinity shattered. Ithekshem is a chaotic jumble, planes mixed together or their energies bleeding out into once-mortal lands like pollution. In the edges between such places of power, the friction bleeds into the air like raw, mutating magic.   Not that any place made it out of the End of All Things without a dent or two. Mount Olympus still rains down in bits and pieces across Ithekshem every now and then, reduced to rubble. Nations have sunk into oceans where none existed before, dying gods have turned forests into petrified wastelands. Everywhere is different, and very few places are safe.  

Critters And Cryptids

The End of All Things created as many new things as it killed old ones. From magical pollution to ancient prisons to unpredictable planar energies interacting in new, previously impossible ways, another kind of life is rising from the ashes of the old world. If that wasn't enough, it didn't take long for wizards to start to meddle in all this new magic, and even more, things started showing up. That's before people started to change themselves, either through symbiosis, experimentation, or simple accident.   In short, there's a hell of a lot of strange things creeping around Ithekshem, from helpful to hostile.  

Nostalgia Isn't What It Used To Be

Survivors of the End of All Things are shell-shocked and lost, removed from the cataclysm by just a handful of decades. The gods, once all-powerful, now walk the world that remains as greatly diminished creatures. Everyone, without exception, has had to reevaluate things. Nothing works the way it's supposed to, and creatures of all kinds are scattered far and wide across an unfamiliar world.   It's enough to make friends out of old foes, and enemies out of allies.  

The Details

by Miguel Eins

Cover image: by Sebastian Wagner


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29 Nov, 2020 18:44

Ok, Q. You've got my attention with this Intro. And! Definitely got my curiosity going!

29 Nov, 2020 22:39

Thank you <3 Your enthusiasm and support is always such a great help to keep me going   I think you'll like this one. It's gonna be a weird fantasy world. :D

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29 Nov, 2020 22:57

Ok, now, I'm *really* looking forward to this! :D

1 Dec, 2020 21:13

I'm so excited to see where this world goes! :D It sounds amazing.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
3 Dec, 2020 09:30

Stay tuned for weird apocalyptic fantasy weirdness! :D

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3 Oct, 2021 20:35

Oh wow, fantasy, post apocalypses, dark and grim. This looks amazing!

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4 Oct, 2021 08:47

Thanks! :D

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
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4 Oct, 2021 08:08

Nice concept and intro :D I'd just add something about the level of power the humans have compared to things like those fallen gods. Seems like whatever magic they had is going to be unpredictable now at least, right?

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4 Oct, 2021 08:48

All the old rules are broken, so magic can evolve in all kinds of strange, previously forbidden ways! Epic magic funtime for everyone (except whoever is on the recieving end)   Thank you :D

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