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Spooktober 2021

October Writing Gauntlet

Update 11/1/21: While I didn't complete all the Spooktober prompts, I was able to complete 20 of them by the end of October. I hope to all articles listed here at some point.
Having not suceeded on the October Writing Gauntlet since Inktober Writing Gauntlet 2019, I figured it was time to attempt this again and see if I could finish 30 prompts in 31 days after the rush of Summer Camp 2021. Back in 2019, I dedicated the entire month to writing about a spooky castle in the Lost Paths. This time, I'm not sure I'll write spooky things, but I do hope to complete the entire list of prompts.   As we move deeper into our planning and writing of our TTRPG system, the amount of lore currently unwritten in Isekai is becoming more and more of an issue. This Spooktober, I want to continue to flesh out more lore in the world, spooky, scary, or otherwise, so that we can continue moving forward with our current projects.  


While there really is no limit on word count or anything like that for this challenge, my goal is to write at least 300 words for each prompt. For the most part, I will attempt to pull articles that fulfill the prompts from the world's current stubs, but that may not always be possible.   Depending on the prompts and how the writing is going, some of the prompts may be written in our second world, Seireitei. That world is much more spooky themed and is often ridiculously fun to write in during the few times I get to write in it.   With that, the plan seems to be that there is very little plan. Spooktober/Inktober has often been a struggle due to the burnout from Summer Camp and I'd rather not burn myself out before WorldEmber.
Spooktober 2021 Prompts
Spooktober 2021 Prompts by World Anvil


RiverFang's Spooktober

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