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Moon Steel

The Shining Celestial Metal

In a dark shop, the light of the moon glittering through the window illuminates a simple dagger. Bathed in the glow of moonlight, the unremarkable grey begins to change into a shining pool, one reminiscent of liquid silver, a mirror-like finish that shines even in darkness. The light grows throughout the night, illuminating the entire room in this silk-like light, only fading as the moon sets and the sun rises. The process will begin again the following night, the glow ever increasing until the steel of the weapon has soaked up enough moonlight. Then, the truth of the weapon and its material will be revealed, created by the light of a full moon.   Moon Steel is one of the many special metals in Isekai, awaiting the light of a moon to decide its potential. Referred to as one of the Celestial Metals, the simple greys of this metal found under large bodies of water. Moon Steel is commonly found in weapons and other items that might end up in combat as its wide variety of abilities after being exposed to moonlight for a specific amount of time are extremely helpful in these situations.   Those that handle this metal must beware of scratches, for a simple scratch can affect the item's ability to harness the power of moonlight. Without the powers of the moon, this metal is no different than other simple steels.


Physical & Chemical Properties

Items made from Moon Steel must be exposed to eight continuous hours of moonlight before the metal can take on a variety of fantastical qualities. These qualities depend on the season as well as the phase of the moon. While the qualities and abilities given to the metal after being exposed to moonlight vary, it is said that many times, the items gain auras that affect or attack the mind with a strange energy.   Moon Steel can be easily scratched. Any scratches can affect the metal's ability to gain any qualities or abilities after being exposed to moonlight.

Geology & Geography

Moon Steel is found in very few places in Isekai, often only under large bodies of water and in cold, northern rivers. Most commonly, the metal can be found in Lake Idryl or near the Fire Islands.
Before being exposed to moonlight, this metal is often an unassuming grey, but will change to be a more shining silver after taking in moonlight.
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7 Oct, 2021 16:08

I love the idea of the metal's colour changing after it has been exposed to moonlight. The downside of it being really easy to scratch is a fun touch.

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