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Sickly Steel

The Acidic Criminal Metal

So few things have such a range to not only be the thing that heals but also the one that maims or kills. In the hands of one, the glowing green color of this metal is an instrument of healing, aiding in medical procedures that require delicate instruments and deft movements. In the hands of someone else, the bright polished metal can mean excruciating pain, an endless sea of injury and horror as one is tortured at the hands of one who wields instruments from this metal. Only intent separates the good from the bad when one wields the green metal of Sickly Steel.   Sickly Steel is one of the many special metals in Isekai, but by far has one of the greatest ranges in its use. Referred to as one of the Criminal Metals, the bright brilliant greens of this metal when polished denote it as Sickly Steel, but lesser quality pieces are marked by green veins through an Iron-like metal. This metal can be found in alchemical sets, used as medical tools, or as part of torture devices.   This acidic metal has the ability to erode away or dissolve substances over time. Depending on how well the metal is refined, its acidic qualities are more potent and can easily damage anything it touches. Much like Putrid Steel, all who handle Sickly Steel must follow certain precautions or find that they are lacking clothes or even body parts.


Physical & Chemical Properties

Depending on how well the metal is refined, Sickly Steel can have highly potent acidic properties, allowing it to dissolve most things. Even in a raw state, if handled enough, the metal will begin to dissolve whatever it touches, but the potency of the poison can become much greater through correct refinement processes.   Because of its innate acidic properties, Sickly Steel is not often used for armor, but if refined properly, armor made from Sickly Steel can resist other acidic effects. Even so, constant exposure to other metals breaks down Sickly Steel and poses the risk of harming the wearer. Weapons of this metal are much more common, including wide or long blades to inflict greater damage.   Special tools made from Silver, Frost Steel, or Mithril must be used to work with Sickly Steel so as to not harm the user or the tools over time.

Geology & Geography

Sickly Steel is one of the few special metals that can be found nearly anywhere in the world. Large deposits of the metal can be found in areas that have swamps, large bodies of water, or along coastal areas.
Unrefined pieces are similar in color to Iron with green veins while refined pieces are polished and bright green in color
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16 Oct, 2021 17:51

The best part is it's use in armors (just for optimists and gamblers, right?) . It's clever and, in a way, poetic.

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