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Putrid Steel

The Rusted Criminal Metal

Tucked in the pocket of an assassin lies an unassuming weapon, one that on inspection by any normal person would appear to be nothing more than a rusted dagger, long forgotten and never taken care of properly. But to anyone with a trained eye, whether Blacksmith, Metallurgist, or other individual with underhanded or nefarious purposes, it would be quite obvious that this is no ordinary weapon, that it is not just simply a hunk of rusted Iron.   Putrid Steel is one of the many special metals in Isekai but is one of the few often associated with a nefarious purpose. Referred to as one of the Criminal Metals, the metal looks very similar to Iron, riddled with orange and red ribbons of what appear to be rust. Unlike many of the other special metals, Putrid Steel can be found nearly everywhere throughout the world, allowing it to be prevalent in alchemical concoctions and weapons used by assassins.   The rusted metal has the ability to poison creatures naturally, with the potency of the poison based on the level of refinement. This metal is not used for beautiful or intricate items but is often made into cruel and jagged shapes with hooks and serrations that allow the metal to inflict greater wounds. All who handle such a metal must follow certain precautions or may find that their work has decided to poison them instead.


Physical & Chemical Properties

Depending on how well the metal is refined, Putrid Steel can poison anything it touches. Even in a raw state, if handled enough, the metal will poison whatever touches it, but the potency of the poison can become much greater through correct refinement processes.   Because of its innate poison, the metal is not frequently used for armor or many other items as prolonged exposure can lead to being poisoned. Underhanded weaponry and other tools used by assassins are often made in such a way that the wielder never comes in contact with the metal.

Geology & Geography

Putrid Steel is one of the few special metals that can be found nearly anywhere in the world. Large deposits of the metal can be found in areas that have swamps, large bodies of water, or large burial grounds.
Similar to rusted Iron , dull with ribbons of orange and red
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