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Castle of the Damned

Castle of the Harrowing

Mindless. A collective, a species, a mortal soul trapped in an abyss?
  On the Eve of Harrowing, a mass of black stalagmites bubble from the cavern floor brought forth from a ring of ancient runes carved into the stone. The tolling of a bell signals that the castle, a structure of jagged stone, has come to life, the round eye-like windows light up, and the castle is ready to claim its first victim.   In a lair of Káto, anything is possible. The Castle of the Damned is said to be mindless, a word that does not fit an inanimate castle. No one knows what the castle is, whether it be a collection of monster souls serving the castle for eternity, a new species of Káto creature that only appears in specific circumstances, or a mortal soul, most likely that of a Wizard, trapped in the abyss of a morphing spell, required to spend his days as a tormented castle. All are possible in the castle, all as mindless as the legends say.   Hoards of undead led by a puppet master's strings, creatures of Káto trodding through an existence as if under the spell of some creature, monsters with bodies and minds mutilated by Wizards and Warlocks for trial and fun. These damned creatures roam the interior of the castle, led by the spells and strings of something, someone greater than the whole of their strength. Whether it be a sentient castle or a man behind a curtain, something leads the mindless creatures against all who dare enter.   Entering the castle comes at a price, your life or your sanity. Very few escape with either, and lesser still escape with both. Those that escape with their life but not their sanity can only describe the resulting changes as floating on the astral plane, with no direction or thought in mind. They are left as if under the spell of some creature from Káto, with no brain or master to serve. Ambition and thought are stolen from those who find their sanity lost in the Castle of the Damned. It is a mindless existence that causes most to wish they had lost their lives in the castle, instead of their sanity.


Every Harrowing is gifted a different castle, changing formations of stalagmites that are often influenced by those who may wish to attempt the Castle of the Damned. Those that have studied the castle have noticed that the alterations every year are somewhat fluid, following a spectrum of difficulty from one end to the other.
Alternative Names
Castle of the Harrowing


This building formed from jagged stalagmites only appears beginning at midnight on the 30th of Winter's Morning. It is the Castle of the Harrowing, housing horrific events dealing with mindless Káto creatures and often the destruction of their sanity for the ones that enter. When the bell tolls again on the last minute of the 1st of Winter's Noon, the castle once again sinks into the bubbling floor of the cavern.

Articles under Castle of the Damned

Ashen Winds
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Jan 5, 2023

The ashen winds of the Harrowing are odd even by Káto standards. It does not rain or snow in Káto, making the phenomena of the ash-like snow so curious. Many assume it's a trick of the light, causing snow like that on the surface to look black.

Death Vines
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Jan 31, 2023

The Castle of the Damned has grown its armor, the vines strengthening and tightening around the stone structure as the bell tolls and the Eve of Harrowing becomes the Harrowing once more.

Building / Landmark | Jan 31, 2023

A great iron door swings open as you pass, revealing blood, more than you thought could ever come from a creature. The oaken floors are painted with it, as if some demented painter had taken a brush to the puddle.

Building / Landmark | Jan 31, 2023

Elegant Sylvan script is inlaid into an oak door that rests in a golden archway. Few can read the language of the fey, & fewer still can be to comprehend the warning that the castle gives to its visitors. But this door is unlike any others in the Castle.

Maker's Mark
Building / Landmark | Jan 31, 2023

Another door with cryptic carvings in words of warning await those that enter the Castle of the Damned. An oaken door falls open, creaking on broken hinges to reveal a bloody room, parts of humanoids and monsters alike resting in piles.

Serpent's Swing
Building / Landmark | Oct 9, 2019
Skeletal Staircase
Building / Landmark | Oct 8, 2019
Tilting Treads
Building / Landmark | Oct 17, 2019
World's Anvil
Building / Landmark | Jan 5, 2021

Rooms of the Castle of the Damned play upon the fear of those who dare to enter, but some rooms choose to play on other emotions, such as greed or pride. Only the greediest of adventurers will find the hidden door tucked away under the Skeletal Staircase.


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