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Tilting Treads

A stone floor, rough and rocky, unlike the smooth surfaces of the hallways of the rest of the castle, tilt slowly downward. A misplaced foot leads to certain death if you allow yourself to slide down the slope of the hallway, dragging you into depths unknown. The Castle of the Damned has many tricks, but you can never be sure if this is one of them, or whether the architecture around you is not as perfect and symmetrical as you have been led to think. As you gently step on to the slight slope, you cannot help but question whether the entire castle leans a hair, or whether you are imagining this.
  The Skeletal Staircase in the front room, with its perfectly spaced treads of ribs, spiraling up the spine of the castle, discombobulates people, messing with the mind, clouding the senses. Which way have you gone, is it up or down? Has the floor been level or are you slowly sinking? The thoughts rush at you as you begin to move slightly faster, your caution slowly fleeing. Is it too late to turn back? Can I leave this place? More questions flood your mind as you turn and look at the glowing entry to the dark hallway. Have you really gone this far? You've only walked a few steps. The door behind you is now impossibly far, but it may be worth the risk.
  You turn back the way you came, slowly inching up the tilting treads of the hallway. As time passes, you have not moved, although your body is tired from the cautious steps. The only way now is to turn to the bottom, to inch your way along the wall and hope you do not fall down the slope. As you continue down, a feeling creeps in, one that pounds in the back of your mind until you address the voice that screams there. The hallway is endless, the slope ever downward. The trap has sprung, the rough floor beginning to dig into the pads of your feet. The castle has won again, there is no escaping the Tilting Treads.


The hallway has a slight downward slope, enough to cause caution, but not enough to initially trip someone up. As someone moves down the hallway, it becomes apparent that the hallway itself has no dimensions, becoming an endless length of rough stone floor.


The hallway has two entries, but once someone enters the hallway, the entries are an impossible distance apart, causing someone to be unable to reach either one.
Room, Corridor, Section
Parent Location
Connected Rooms

Cover image: Isekai Cover by Landscape via Artbreeder, created by RiverFang


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