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Skeletal Staircase

Wooden stairs and its armature, bleached white and twisted like frail bone, form a spiral staircase up through the center of the cragged castle. It can only be assumed this is the work of centuries of wear, but some question whether the stairs themselves are the work of a great necromancer, calling and shaping the bone of undead creatures into the spiraling mass that stands as a central pillar in the castle.
  Once through the front doors of the Castle of the Damned, the frail bone staircase rises before you, its twisting mass serving as the spine of the living beast that is the castle. If you stare too long, the staircase begins to twist and bend, moving like the boney structure that propels the skeletons that can be found deeper within the castle.
  Those that dare take a step up using the staircase hear the cracking and breaking of frail bone, but the planks beneath their feet are solid. Ever upward the staircase swirls, stopping at various landings with cryptic carvings littered among the stone. All who enter the Castle of the Damned are forced to take their first steps into the hell before them on the skeletal staircase, hoping that the bone beneath them can hold their weight.
  The bleached bone of each step is etched with warnings, some in languages adventures may read, others lost with the centuries, in languages that no longer fall from living tongues. The warnings seen above other rooms may be found here as well, but they are often missing their most defining feature, leaving them as less of a warning, and more of an invitation to step farther into the castle.
  Those who lay eyes upon the skeletal staircase yet are not tempted by its end may find themselves the only ones who have survived an encounter with the castle. Creatures, monsters, horrors, and sicknesses rest within the chambers here. Only invitations are found here with the staircase, words of power that draw you in. Resist this, and you may live to tell your tale.


The staircase is a grand spiral staircase that reaches to the upper floors of the castle. Whether it is made of bone or wood, it is a spiraling mass with spurs and sections that look frail, but much like the rest of the castle, this staircase is extremely sound.


This staircase rests right inside the entrance to the castle, allowing for one entry. Once someone has stepped upon the staircase, the only direction for them to go is up.

Sensory & Appearance

Constant sounds of cracking and breaking can be heard as one ascends the staircase, but the sounds echo, causing you to be unsure of their exact location. On inspection, the planks beneath your feet are not harmed.
Room, Common, Stairwell/Staircase
Parent Location

Cover image: Isekai Cover by Landscape via Artbreeder, created by RiverFang


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