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The First of Many's teddy?
  A great iron door swings open as you pass, revealing blood, more than you thought could ever come from a creature. The oaken floors are painted with it, as if some demented painter had taken a brush to the puddle. Splatters on the walls still dripped, the wetness of the substance warning you that whatever had taken place was much too recent for your liking. A charred and bloody mass rest in the middle of the room, small in size, easily that of a child.   Words of a whisper echo about the room. Help us they whisper, barely loud enough to hear. But the anguish in the voice alone with the horrendous scene around you should be enough to drive you forward, or have you running away before you can no longer do so.   Those that wish to venture forward, who wish to look closer upon the bloody mass, hear the whispers coming from the center of the room. Cautiously and quietly you step about in the blood, the squelching sounds of your boots drowning out the whispers that are beginning to die down. Panic strikes, you rush forward, slipping in the liquid, until you are knelt next to the mass, only realizing for the first time that the bloody mass that you assumed to be a child was nothing more than a stuffed bear, weathered from use and charred in places the blood did not cover.   By the time you realize this, everything is too late. The bait has been taken, the ruse has pulled in yet another victim. The blood has become sticky, gluing your knees to the floor as you knelt, preparing you for whatever predator had created this alluring room of bait. This is when those of all or little faith pray, stuck on their knees, waiting for the unknown to find their prey.


A small room of ten feet by ten feet lays behind a thick iron door. The floors are oaken, worn in spots from foot travel, with greying stone walls on every side. The room is well-lit, with numerous sconces lining the walls. The ceiling is not high like in the corridor, only being about eight or nine feet above the floor.


There is only one entry into this room. The door is thick iron, very heavy to move, and often closes behind those who enter. Those unfortunate enough to move far enough into the room and then wishing to flee often finds that the door locks from the outside.
Room, Common, Basement
Parent Location


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