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Miniature Fey Forest of the Blackened Castle

Disenchant the Lost Paths, reinvent the Wandering Forest
  Elegant Sylvan script is inlaid into an oak door that rests in a golden archway. Few can read the language of the fey, and fewer still can be to comprehend the warning that the castle gives to its visitors. But this door is unlike any others in the Castle of the Damned. Most doors are blackened with age or with fire, but this door is untouched, pristine in its condition and magical in its aura.   Behind the door rest the visage of an enchanted place, a replica of the Wandering Forest that is just a misstep away on the surface world. Those who enter here do not know that it is a replica, an illusion. To those who find the enchanted doorway, it seems like the way out of a place that seems part of the veil between Káto and the Lost Paths.   Even as part of the surface world, the Wandering Forest is not someplace to be taken lightly. It is as dangerous as Káto, possibly more so, because at least in Káto it is easy to tell the difference between friend and foe. The enchanted land of the Wandering Forest is not so simply put, fey are fickle beings, falling anywhere they wish to on the spectrum of good and evil, law and chaos. Even those of fey ancestry in the real world are not so easily marked in their alignment. Fey Dragons and the like are tricksters, hard to read and even harder to pin as enemy or not.   This version of the Wandering Forest, even more enchanted than its real-life counterpart, is less safe, meant to draw in those who wish for escape. Adventurers would rather face the Wandering Forest tired and wounded than continue through this castle. But escaping is not so simple. The door of this room does not close behind you as you enter, it stands open, a portal of light in eternal darkness. Its the entrance to wonderland, hopefully safety when there is none to be found.   False hope and the death of such feelings can be more satisfying to watch than the horrific death caused by a monster, at least to some sadistic people. The realization crashes down around those who enter when they realize the walls are close and hidden with illusion. Once the walls are found, its too late to leave this place, wonderland becomes a nightmare.  
Disenchant the adventurer, realize the Harrowing


The dimension of the room is impossible to know on first glance. The single doorway seems to enter outdoors, with trees and wide canopies filtering sunlight down to what looks like earth. A much closer inspection eventually gives way to realizing the illusion, but most often, this realization arrives too late.
Room, Outdoors, Greenhouse


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