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Potion of True Life

Potion of the Flowered Hill Coven

A softly moving sea of petals alights as the sun rises, marking the beginning of a necessary harvest, a season of work that is a dedication to the goddess the women of this valley follow. As the sun rises and the flowers unfurl for the first time, the festival known as the Day of Roses has begun, a time of celebration, renewal, and great work for those of the Flowered Hill Coven. The harvest of the White Lazarus has begun, allowing a very special potion to be created.   Once gathered and prepared in the village of Serebi, the White Lazarus Petals find their final uses, in potions and medicines and all sorts of crafted things made by the Witches of the Flowered Hill Coven. These petals have many uses, but by far the most important is creating the Potion of True Life, a potion more potent than any healing potion found throughout the many lands of Isekai. The petals and this potion bring with them controversy and heartache, but to the Witches, these things are a blessing from the goddess Libra.   The Potion of True Life is by far one of the most ambitious creations of the Covens of the Tree. Utilizing Flower Distilling, the deadly White Lazarus Petals take on much more helpful properties, which can be used to make a pure healing potion, one that glows a bright white when bottled. This potent potion is known for bringing back those from near-death or even those that have died recently, but it is not a potion used lightly. The healing properties of this potion are often linked to the special magic of Witches, something many keep far away from.


Just months before the Eldritch War changed the course of history, the Witches of the Flowered Hill Coven had finally utilized their technique of Flower Distilling to create a pure essence that would become known as the Potion of True Life. With the large amount of death that came with the Eldritch beings, the potion had a great number of uses, but many distrusted it due to lingering feelings from the Persecution of the Witches. Even so, it was seen as one of the few magical things that could save those that had been mutilated by the Eldritch beings.   While the potion had great significance during the Eldritch War, its uses have slowly become nonexistent as so few people either remember the potion or care to use it. The potion's few uses in modern times come from those that seek out the Flowered Hill Coven particularly to utilize the potion, whether as a fountain of youth type potion or as a way to heal some malady that cannot be healed another way.
Item type
Consumable, Magical
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The harvest of White Lazarus Petals during the Day of Roses often gives enough materials to create a great deal of Potions of True Life, but the actual supply is very small as most people refuse to utilize the potion, even in the most dire of circumstances. Even many centuries after the Persecution of the Witches, few wish to become entangled with the odd magic of the Witches, often causing them to ignore magical and technological advances that come from the Covens of the Tree.
Raw materials & Components
The potion utilizes White Lazarus Petals but the other ingredients of the potion are unknown as it is a secret that the Flowered Hill Coven holds most dear.
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