Summer Camp 2022 Title Prompt

Somewhere in your setting, describe a title that commands respect from those in the know
— Summer Camp 2022 prompt
I had the pleasure of judging the Title prompt for Summer Camp 2022. This was my first time judging a category and it was tough! There were so many great articles. Some quick stats:
Total Entries 317
Multipass (private) articles
404 (deleted or renamed?)
Ineligible for prize (My article)
Total Articles Read 305
Here, I've highlighted some of the articles that particularly stood out, though there were many more awesome articles.
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This article by Han (Hanhula) has an interesting concept. It is well-written and well-structured, with quotes throughout and solid organization of ideas. I love that challenges and dangers to quest seekers are described, and I enjoyed reading this article.  
Quest Seeker
Rank/Title | Jul 26, 2022

For adventurers to be able to quest, there must be a quest - and the quest-seekers are the ones to find them.


Runner Up


More Great Articles

Here are some more great articles, in no particular order, that deserve a bit more attention.      

Written in Prose

A fun, quick read about gnomes who avert sheep stampedes by Laurabones
Sheep Wrangler
Rank/Title | Jul 31, 2022
Solid prose opening that captures what the elected safety rep does by Travakh
Rank/Title | Jul 24, 2022
Interesting story format that highlights the title and its responsibilities by a new and free user deetronic  
The Arbor
Rank/Title | Jul 14, 2022

Want even more?

In no particular order:
Comment Article Author
Cute, easy read, lots of quotes Peacemaker Julian
Monstrous title - interesting approach (CW: vampirism) Amaranth Jackeyblob
Nice mystery The Translucent One Ononomad
Creepy Cyber Mater Machine Sapha Burnell
Conversation approach to explaining the title Tai Poaked
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Author's Notes

Thank you for reading! And feel free to check out this guide on How to Write Great Competition Articles, which is not specific to Summer Camp, but advice for World Anvil competition articles in general.  

How to Write Great Competition Articles
Generic article | Mar 12, 2022

A guide to writing community challenge articles

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