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Morale Officer

Observers of the Dragon Empire report that their most dangerous agents may be the so-called "Morale Officers" who are stationed at every military outpost that we've observed. Through telescopes, we can see these scaly mages casting mind-control spells on their own troops. It's quite disturbing.

I've been on the Vigilance boats to observe their bases myself. Those scaly thought-police have their claws deep in the brains of their own troops! They're as skilled as any wizards we have here in the Zone. Ol' Sgt. Kill Flayer will tell you this, if the Boundary ever drops, make sure you have your wards against enchantment up.

Morale Officers are senior officers of the Dragon Empire and are stationed at every base and military installation under the charge of Emperor Harmonic Horizon. They are charged with looking after the health and well-being of the soldiers at the bases they live in. They are all dragonborn wizards, bards, or other arcane academics formally trained in the arts of magic by the official academies of the Empire.

They are stationed both with troops directly loyal to the Emperor and within the military forces of the independent clans. They are not allowed to take part in battle against each other and can claim Imperial privilege if asked to fight by a clan leader.

Morale Officers open every morning with the troops in prayer to the Five-Headed Mother. They ask all troops to kneel before them and they walk amongst them as the prayers are said. Once this basic duty is complete, they work to ingratiate themselves with the other officers and with the troops. They are often put in charge of supplies and requisitions. They can "pull strings" and "call in favors" to acquire equipment or favors from the Imperial structure to help out their fellow soldiers. "If you want something, ask the M.O." is a common saying among troops.

Agents of the Inquisitors

High-level officers and agents of the Darastrix Order know that the Morale Officers are actually all trained espionage agents belonging to the Inquisitors of the Red Dome of Heaven. They work at the base level to make sure that the soldiers around them follow the Truth & the Fallacy, whatever the Emperor believes those terms to mean that day.

These trained enchanters cast spells on their troops during the prayers to the Five-Headed Mother. They ensure that the soldiers are full of fear of the unknown and what lies beyond the Boundary Markers. They gather any contraband from the Fallacy and deliver it to the Princes of the Darastrix Order for "destruction." They do all this with the blessing of the Emperor and the Dragon Princes. In exchange, they are allowed to skim a small percentage from the "contraband" they gather to add to their own hoards.

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