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The Five-Headed Mother

Tiamat (a.k.a. the Five-Headed Mother)

Tiamat, the Five-Headed Mother, is an Outsider God. She is worshipped mainly by dragons and dragonborn, especially on the island of Darastrix Tolgalen. Unlike the other gods of Krosia, she and the Shining Father originate from another plane of existence.

A commonly worshipped deity during the Age of Monsters, her influence waned during the Age of Mortals. The world's remaining chromatic dragons worshipped her along with members of the reptilian mortal races. With the advent of the Dragonborn and the revelation of the Dragon Empire, her cult has been gaining power.

Recently the Grasp of the Five-Headed Mother has aligned with the Cult of Malfador and the Creed of Ar-Tamak. This Lawful Evil religious alliance, known as the Infernal Triumvirate, has taken control of the Satrapy of Ta-Arma. Their influence grows in the Empire of Borthakar.

Divine Domains

Divine Classification
God & Devil
Lawful Evil

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