Inquisitors of the Red Dome of Heaven

The Vigilance tell us that the so-called Veracious Inquisitors may be all that keeps the might of the Dragon Empire in check. The Inquisitors ruthlessly weed out any opposition to their concepts of "Truth and Fallacy." It is the height of irony that the freedom of our civilizations may rest on their authoritarian impulses.

I'm not gonna lie to you, this business with the Inquisitors makes my tusks itchy. They remind me too much of the bad old days for us orcs. The Flayers kept us in line like these Inquisitors keep down the dragonborn. It's not right and we should be doing something about it.

Reminder to the Veracious

Since time immemorial, the Red Dome of Heaven marked the Edge of Reality. Underneath the Dome was Truth. Everything else was Fallacy. There is nothing else except for Darastrix Tolgalen. There is no order except for the Dragon Empire.

Then on the Day of Deception the Red Dome disappeared, replaced by an unnatural void. The void shines blue during the day as the unrelenting Eye of the Enemy travels above. At night, it becomes dark and black, full of small uncaring eyes.

This "sky" changes constanlty! First there was the "Shattered Moon", then the "Mechanical Moon", and finally this "Faceted Moon". This constant changing, the chaos above us are obvious proofs of The Truth and The Fallacy!

Now, we are in the Time of Testing. It is up to you, the Inquisitors of the Red Dome of Heaven, to make sure that the citizens of the Dragon Empire pass! When the Red Dome rises again, will you be among the Chosen?

Structure and Duties of the Inquisitors

In the Byzantine structure of the Dragon Empire, the Inquisitors report directly to Emperor Harmonic Horizon and the Church of the Five-Headed Mother. They are authorized to seek out and prosecute the thought crime of believing that the Fallacy beyond the Boundary Markers surrounding the island of Darastrix Tolgalen. They teach that reality is currently in a Time of Testing and that when the Red Dome of Heaven rises around the Island once more, only those who have remained faithful to the Truth shall remain.

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7 Jul, 2022 17:56

I like how truth and fallacy have physical locations here, as well as the references to what sounds like our sky.

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8 Jul, 2022 12:39

Thanks! I'm just getting into my worldbuilding in this part of my setting. It's interesting here.

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