The Translucent One

The Translucent One is the Prime Illuminator of the Merchantry of the Torrent. They are the leader of Illuminators, and chief spiritual mouthpeice of the Holy Caldera and the High Wardens of the upper city.   Their true identity is unknown, and they wear a pure speherical helm of cyrstal uhd polished until it reflects and refracts the light that hits it in such a way, that none may look directly upon their face.   They lead the holiest of rites atop the Luminary of the The Gilded Preceptry, and are responsible for overseeing the divine magic tributes from the Lords themselves up to the Holy Caldera.   They are also the divine mouthpeice for the Holy Caldera, and will address the other Lords and the populace when orders are sent down from above. Any changes to doctrine or the activities of the Illuminators must be passed through the Translucent One.   They themselves hold no actual power, but act purely as a conduit for the powers that flow up as tribute and down as commandments.   The life of the Translucent One is said to be a lonely one, and the position is seen as much as a curse as it is an honour. Many believe that they live their life in a secluded cell atop the Luminary, in meditation directly with the Caldera, and only emerge for their rare public appearances.   Others believe that the Translucent One is not actually an individual, but a role that many play whenever it is needed. They believe that any of the most senior Illuminators will done the mirrored helm and that the role is purely a theatrical one. The true power is held behind the scenes by the Lords and the Merchantry, with the Translucent One being an empty mouthpeice only.
Religious, Beatified
Alternative Naming
The Unseen, Prime Illuminator
Source of Authority
Granted directly by the Holy Caldera upon the death or retirement of the previous Translucent One
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