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The Illuminators are the special envoys of the Lords of Fire who act as diplomats and missionaries for the religious and mercantile interests of The Gleaming City.   There are hundreds of them spread across the Sunside lands, wandering from community to community. They spread the word and law of The Gleaming City, and proselytise the tenets of faith that the followers of the Lords of Fire should abide by. It is an integral part of the Lords power base, as the faith and worship of the many across the wastes of Ardi Kokufa need to be channelled into the Lords' tethered godlings in order to maintain and increase their power.



A holy mission

The primary purpose for the Illiminators is to gather worship, divine magic and monetary wealth from the peoples of Shadowfire and to channel this power to the Lords if Fire.   Doctrine says that the Lords use it to protect the word from the elder evils in their prisons beyond the Astral Sea, and without their protection, the world is doomed.  

Guide the faithful

A big part of the Illuminator's role is to visit communities along the Godswollen River and across the deserts of Ardi-Kokufa, to ensure that the people observe and practice the proper rituals and pay their tithes, and to correct any wavering from the prescribed dogma.   The Illiminators take with them many small pamphlets to leave with the communities they travel through, and will host congregations as they go. The congregations each must be trained in the proper movements and mental exercises to ensure the effective transfer of their faith to the Lords themselves.  

Punish and protect

The Illuminators are responsible for weeding out blasphemy adn hubris - those who undermine or challenge the hegemony of the Lords or the Merchantry.   They will at first seek to re-educate through guile and propoganda, and if that fails, harsher retributions will follow - which can involve shaming, excommunication or even death.   They rarely relish the task, but they see it as a necessary evil to maintain the sanctity of the flow of faith, divine power and money back to the Lords. It is this power that keeps the many followers safe from the threat at the heart of the Desolation of Ghul Drazul. This is the holy purpose of the Gleaming City and that which the Lords of Fire and their forces protect the world from.  


The more powerful of the Illuminators will be sent as special envoys to foreign powers, such as the Stoneforged Assembly, the Protectorates and the Empire of Novalucca. These work hard in diplomatic circles to increase the Lords' influence in the Lands of Twilight, to increase worship in foreign lands, and to convert the powerful to their cause.

Social Status

Illuminators are apart from the other forces of both the Flaming Brand, and the Merchantry of the Torrent. They serve the Lords of Fire and are largely a law unto themselves. The most senior or the Illuminators answer only to the Holy Caldera.  


In the upper social circles of the Gleaming City itself, they are reverred and feared in equal measure. Many will be invited to functions for the imprtance that bring, but relaxation and leisure is not something people seek in the presence of an Illuminator.   Elsewhere across the sunside lands, they are generally welcomed wherever they go. This is especially in those communities where the protection and wealth that the Lords bring is bountiful.   There is, however, an underlying tension and fear that follows Illuminators as well. This is especially true along the Stonesky, where memories of the Stonesky Riots are still fresh, with the dark powers and retribution that The Flaming Brand, and the Illuminators brought down upon those communities left their scars.



The Illuminators are schooled in advanced blood magic, beyond the standard energy release employed by the Flaming Brand. Many will have mastered magic devited to subterfuge, guile and influence. They use their powers to calm minds, influence thoughts and even dominate wills.   While many Illuminators work in solo, it is not unusual for some of the more influencial and senior to gather an entourage of helpers, protectors and apprentices with them. Others may accompany members of the Merchantry of the Torrent as they ply their trade.


Their headquarters is the Luminary at the Gilded Preceptry, but they rarely stay there for long, living an itinerant lifestyle on the road. They are offered luxurious accomodation and fawning hospitality wherever they travel.
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