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Master/Mistress of the Robes

While Imperial and Royal households have always had a Master or Mistress of the Robes, the position was generally a purely ceremonial one. They were responsible for any clothing and regalia worn at formal occasions. Only when the Lazirican family set up the Omaceran Empire did it come to take on other, more important and secretive duties.  
"You're crazy. You could have any position in the government that you want, and you ask for this?"
Illitran Lazirica to Elenaril Lazirica
  As Myantha Lazirica was taking the throne, her younger sister came to her with a strange request. Elenaril wished to be instated not in a position of obvious power, like her brothers, but to take on the job of Mistress of the Robes. There was a reason for this. Three days before the coronation ceremony, there had been an attempt on Empress Myantha's life. It was quickly stopped, but it had not been the first time, and it would not be the last.   Elenaril had the notion to convert the position of Master of the Robes into a full-time job, giving them ample opportunity to see the Emperor or Empress each day. On the surface, the position would be that of a glorified valet or lady in waiting. The ruler, on the other hand, would know that their Master of the Robes was also a master at bladework and spycraft. This person would be in charge of the Emperor's private spy network, and the last line of defense, as well.  
"Who would have thought she could handle sewing scissors so well? I hadn't even stopped screaming!"
— Lady in Waiting after an Assassination Attempt.
  The Master of the Robes would have to be someone of the utmost talent, discretion, and loyalty, skilled at running a network of spies without revealing themselves. They would also have to groom a successor, for no one else could know the real purpose of the job. On top of this, they still had to be able to handle the Emperor's massive wardrobe for him, and ensure he was dressed properly. Almost as soon as a new Master of the Robes was instated, they began grooming their possible successors. The decision, however, lay with the Emperor or Empress.   Traditionally, the Master of the Robes was another member of the Lazirican Dynasty. This had not always worked out, as sometimes dutiful study had hidden vast ambition or secret loyalties. Five Emperors and Empresses have been assassinated by their Master or Mistress of the Robes. Still, the tradition remained, and Emperors who broke with the tradition often lost the support of the rest of House Lazirica.
Nobility, Household
Alternative Naming
Head Valet
Source of Authority
Appointed by the Emperor
Length of Term
Until the end of the reign
First Holder
Past Holders
Reports directly to
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