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Lazirican Dynasty (la-ˈZIR-ih-kahn)

The reigning family during the Omaceran Empire's existence. Began as five siblings with the last name Lazirica, living in the Omaceran region of Imizael. They ruled using absolute seniority, where the oldest Lazirican, male or female (but only if they were married matrilineally, and thus carried the Lazirica name), inherited the throne.  


Myantha Lazirica, 1792 BW-1645 BW, Assassinated.
Illitran Lazirica, 1645 BW-1635 BW, Assassinated.
Vaeril Lazirica, 1635 BW-1392 BW, Natural Causes.
Jandar Lazirica, 1392 BW-1281 BW, Natural Causes.
Sionia Lazirica, 1281 BW-1218 BW, Natural Causes.
Political, Family
Head of Government
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Market economy
Official Languages
Related Ethnicities

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