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The Heart of Etharai

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The Heart of Etharai is the ever-beating heart that exists at the core of the world. Well beneath the surface of the planet, accessible by a maze of tunnels and dangers, one can find the Heart, beating and supplying its lifeblood to the rest of the world.
This heart is a large, green, orb-shaped organ, which beats very slowly, on a steady pace of 2 beats a second.
The heart is believed to be the true source of magic in the world. It is the likely origin of the creation story, as it gives the impression of the world itself being alive. Whether or not the world actually was a living being at one point, however, the heart still remains as the anchor of all life to the magic of the planet.
As the heart beats, the blood that it pumps through the world are sources of Amyth. They are known as Bloodlines, and while they are not visible to the naked eye, they can be seen with technology such as the visemeter or through other methods of Aurology. It is suspected that these bloodlines are connected to the flow of Auras in the world around it, but this is something that has not been able to be confirmed.


There are some creatures that are able to live in close proximity to the heart, where most species are not equipped to handle the amount of magical energy exuded from the heart. These species tend to be very different from the ones that exist on the surface of the planet, and often are unrecognisable to people who have not studied them. Such creatures are known as Amythomites, and are incredibly difficult to research because it is hard to get a hold of them. One of the species that lives close to the heart is known as the bloodfowl, a species that flies around the caverns, nesting on the ceiling. The primary flora in the region are the ever-shifting idyllic mushroom that grows along the cavern walls. The phase snake swims through the high density of magic in the air, becoming visible only to strike at its prey, the aurashrike.
There is one sapient species that lives in the area around the heart, known as Keepers. Little is known about this species, as they do not talk to outsiders, but they are highly knowledgeable about magical topics.
Magical Realm
Related Tradition (Primary)

Localised Phenomena

The area around the heart is highly volatile, as the heart expells extremely high levels of magic on a semi-regular basis. These storms are similar to light storms, but significantly more dangerous, with the capability of entirely disintegrating those who come too close.

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