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A shattered world, with a beating heart. A community of people holding on to hope and to each other. The sun once again shines on Etharai, but it is up to her people to accept its warmth.

What is Etharai?

Etharai is a greybright solarpunk/science-fantasy setting. It takes place on the planet of Etharai, a living planet with a heart at its core. The world is one of magic and technology, of conflict hidden behind a guise of peace, and of a bright future in spite of a dark past.

Who lives in Etharai?

Etharai is home to a variety of species, who live (mostly) at peace with one other. There are few things uniting the myriad of cultures and ethnicities, the one thing bridging the gap between them being a dogmatic belief in pacifism.

Delve into the secrets of Etharai's past...

World Introduction

Generic article | Dec 30, 2023

A living planet, with a beating heart

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