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A shattered world, with a beating heart. A community of people holding on to hope and to each other. The sun once again shines on Etharai, and her people smile beneath it.

What is Etharai?

Etharai is a greybright solarpunk/science-fantasy setting. It takes place on the planet of Etharai, a living planet with a heart at its core. The world is one of magic and technology, of peace and conflict, and of a bright future in spite of a dark past.

Who lives in Etharai?

Etharai is home to a variety of species, who live (...mostly) at peace with one other. There are few things uniting the myriad of cultures and ethnicities, the one think bridging between them being a dogmatic belief in pacifism.

Delve into the secrets of Etharai's past...

World Primer

Etharai Primer
Generic article | Dec 1, 2023

Welcome to Etharai! Not sure where to start? Read this article!

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