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The jelly-eater is a strange-looking fish that can be found in the abyssal depths of Etharai. It is named for its sole diet of jellyfish. It eats species such as the buttercup jellyfish, iridescent jellyfish, moonlight jellyfish, opalescent jellyfish, and rainbow jellyfish, as well as other jellyfish species native to the depths, seemingly indescriminately. Due to its less-than-conventional appearance, it is often avoided by both the abyssal kuuyikar and the xsenda, though both are technically capable of consuming it. Still, it has an alternative name of "the ugly fish", and is often referred to as
EW what in the worldmothers' blue Etharai is THAT?


The jellyeater is technically classified as a fish, within the superclass Osteichthyes and the class Sarcopterygii - lobe finned bony fish. The fish has an incredibly tall back, a wide downward-facing mouth that can unhinge to almost half its length, and jagged, flat teeth that almost never grow straight. Its fins are so small they are almost negligible, though it has two appendages that vaguely resemble tentacles growing from its pectoral areas. It cannot use any of these appendages for movement or navigation, and instead drifts in the strong currents of its habitat. Despite this, it somehow manages to regularly obtain more than enough food to survive, and somehow regularly mates during the mating season.
Scientific Name
Allenypterus deformis
Geographic Distribution


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