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The xsenda are a sapient species that live in the abyssal depths alongside the abyssal kuuyikar.

Basic Information


The xsenda are a large species with a basic arrangement of three limgs: two arms, and a tail. They have semi-transparent skin and are bioluminescent. They have long arms, almost reaching down to the ends of their also long tails. They are powerful and fast swimmers, though they are not particularly dextrous nor are they capable of tight curves and maneuvers, unlike the kuuyikar they live alongside.

Ecology and Habitats

The xsenda live in the deepest parts of the abyssal depths. They live in no- to low-light environments, and are not particularly well adapted to seeing in higher levels of light. Because of their tails, they cannot live on land, so they are almost entirely restricted to the abyssal depths. This is the source of some tensions with the kuuyikar living there, who are not restricted in this manner, and so the xsenda believe they are selfishly taking up valuable space.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The xsenda are obligate carnivores, a feature that the kuuyikar do not like about them. They are immune or resistant to most of the toxins produced by the animals living in their biome, finding these toxins spicy and enjoyable. As such, many of their foods contain these toxins as spices. This does not prevent the kuuyikar from being able to eat their foods, as the kuuyikar are naturally resistant to toxins as well. However, the kuuyikar have no interest in trying xsenda foods. Their cuisine is also not a problem for visitors, as they generally do not receive any.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

The xsenda are fairly intelligent, both in emotional and logical intelligence, despite what the kuuyik's stereotypes of them would suggest. They have developed many technologies without the aid of the surface, and while they are still behind the abyssal kuuyikar who do receive trade and other aid from the surface for technological advancements, they are slowly catching up.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The xsenda's eyes are adapted to be able to take in any light available, making them able to see very far in their environments, but also making them prone to headaches and blinding should they travel any higher than their natural environment. They do not have particularly good hearing, as the loud water currents around them at all times would be difficult to filter out. Due to this, the kuuyikar believe them to not have a sense of empathy, and think them to be crass and rude.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

The xsenda prefer two-syllable names, such as Sorre, Rethnar, Lokar, or Dathnis. These names are not pronounced vocally, as this is difficult for them, and taking up less space during conversation becomes a priority when naming children.

Beauty Ideals

The xsenda value translucent skin and powerful muscles for swimming. The clothing that they wear is not particularly loose, and is light so as to not provide drag. However, it is seen as impressive to wear more flowing clothes, as it is a show of strength in being able to swim in the strong currents of their biome despite them.

Average Technological Level

The xsenda are not very far behind the technologies of the surface, though they are far enough to be noticeable. The main thing stunting them is their lack of communication with the surface, and with the kuuyikar who do have a connection to the surface. This means that they have to spend time inventing things that have already been invented before they can progress further.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

The xsenda speak to one another telepathically, in a language known as Xsoura. Xsoura is made of small words and minimal words, as speaking takes up valuable brain space for the xsenda, who need it for other things as well.

Common Taboos

To the xsenda, even speaking to a kuuyik is considered taboo. There is no tolerance for any sort of interaction with the other species inhabiting the region, to the point that the xsenda even avoid looking at the kuuyikar if they can. They believe that the dispute between the two of them is entirely the fault of the kuuyikar, and while the kuuyikar are not without blame, neither are the xsenda.
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50-80 yrs.
Average Height
8-9 ft.
Geographic Distribution


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