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Abyssal Depths

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The abyssal depths are the deepest parts of Etharai's ocean, located in ocean trenches stretching far below the rest of the sea floor. They are home to the abyssal kuuyikar, an ethnicity of kuuyikar, as well as the xsenda, a sapient species native to these depths.


The two species living in these depths are the only two species that are generally found here. Trade with the surface is almost exclusively perfomed when people living in the depths make trips to more shallow depths, rather than vice versa. The vast majority of trade that the people of the abyssal depths will do is with the other sapient aquatic species - goods from the depths only reach the surface through surfacer's trade with other sea species.
The abyssal kuuyikar and the xsenda do not get along particularly well. They each see each other as lesser, and will often refuse to speak to one another unless forced to do so.


The abyssal depths are cold, with strong currents and rocky walls that become closer together the further down they stretch. They are incredibly dark, with almost no light from the sun reaching the majority of the depths. For this reason, many of the species living here have some degree of bioluminescence.

Localised Phenomena

There are powerful currents in the abyssal depths, strong enough to push around creatures that are not strong enough to resist these currents. They are caused by the shape of the depth's trenches, which allow for very fast water flow. These currents can be very dangerous to fish not used to them.


Abyssal algae and carnivorous algae are the two most common algae species found within the depths. These are eaten by the sapient species in the region, and the former is also eaten by fish such as the blobfish and the glass squid. Plenty of jellyfish species make their homes in these depths, including the iridescent jellyfish, the buttercup jellyfish, the rainbow jellyfish, the opalescent jellyfish, and the moonlight jellyfish. These species are eaten by slightly larger fish such as the jellyeater and the plasmafish. Larger animals also live in these regions, such as the whale squid and the colossal octopus. The apex predator of the region, however, is the titansquid, one of the largest creatures that lives in the abyssal depths.

Natural Resources

Deepstone is a sturdy building material that can be found in the abyssal depths, as is tarrock. Veltryium is a valuable metal found in the regions, mined as an ore, and used in many different applications. Qoithys is a shimmering black gem that can be found in the depths as well.

Brine Pools

Brine pools are small underwater pools that collect on shelves in some of the higher portions of the abyssal depths. They are much denser than the water around them, and filled with high amounts of salt, making them deadly for any poor creature that accidentally finds its way into them. These pools also produce high amounts of magical energy, making the areas next to them the perfect homes for Aura mussels. Some species will lurk near these pools, grabbing prey that falls victim to the pools.


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