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Xkalok, also known as gurgling shells, are a species native to the abyssal depths of Etharai. They sit at the bottom of the ocean's trenches, feeding on microorganisms drifting through the water.


Xkalok are a mussel-esque species, though it grows more akin to a plant, with roots designed to dig into stone, and the plant cells composing the species. They have ovular shells with tapereed ends, which remain closed the majority of the time. The xkalok converts its waste into gasses, and it expells these gasses by opening up its shell to rapidly shoot the gas upwards. This creates a stream of bubbles directly above the xkalok. However, when above water, it instead makes a sound that could be described as screaming. The species is around a foot tall, and four to five inches in width. The shell is incredibly sturdy, and solidly connected to the ground where it sits.

Uses & Byproducts

Xkalok is not a well-known species outside of the abyssal depths, as those not native to its habitat would have to go to great lengths to obtain. However, the two sapient species native to the abyssal depths - the abyssal kuuyikar and the xsenda - make great use of it. The shells of the xkalok are used to make strong tools, and the little plant matter within the shells and roots can be cooked and eaten - though, with the digestive systems of the two species, the cooking part is optional.
Geographic Distribution
Xkalok live in salt water, which gives them an incredibly salty taste. This saltiness is incredibly overpowering, even in dishes where xkalok isn't the main focus.


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