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Abyssal Kuuyik

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Abyssal kuuyikar are those native to the abyssal depths, deep underwater trenches with very low light. They have diverged slightly in their evolution from other kuuyikar, due to their environment. While they are still recognisable as kuuyikar, there are a few notable differences.


Abyssal kuuyikar are distinct from other kuuyikar most visibly in their slightly bioluminescent skin, which provides some (though not very much) light. This trait is not thought to be original to the abyssal kuuyikar, however - there is evidence that the gene for bioluminescence was developed in other deep-sea kuuyikar, but then later became dormant until the abyssal kuuyikar began to express it again. They also tend to have darker eye colours, lighter, almost pale skin colours, and thinner hair.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Most other kuuyikar are known for their less-than-ideal vision. However, abyssal kuuyikar break this stereotype a little. In their natural environments, they have fairly good vision - this changes when they approach environments with higher levels of light. This is because the fault is kuuyik vision is not their lack of ability to see, but instead a lack of ability to adjust to different light levels. For the abyssal kuuyikar, this is not a problem, as there is a rather consistent lack of light within their biome.


Major language groups and dialects

The abyssal kuuyikar speak a language in the same language family as Delpar, known as Gedalp. This language, like the other languages of its family, uses primarily phonemes that are easily audible and distinguishable underwater.


Due to the strong currents of the water, abyssal kuuyikar tend not to wear loose clothing or detached pieces. They like to pierce their ears, noses, and other parts of their faces, though the piercings they use are typically studs or otherwise short pieces of jewellery so not to pull against the skin when stronger currents come along.

Foods & Cuisine

Like the rest of their species, the abyssal kuuyikar are capable of eating nearly anything, toxins and minerals included. They tend to be vegetarian, preferring not to harm animals at any cost - a source of contention between them and the xsenda, who are obligate carnivores. The kuuyikar do not consider jellyfish to be intelligent or sentient enough to count towards this rule, however, and do include them in many of their cultural dishes. One such dish is jellyfish stew, a liquid food made within sealed containers and eaten through method preventing the ocean water from tainting the taste of the food.
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