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Kuuyik (/'ku.jɪk/, /'ku.jɪk.ɑɹ/)

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Kuuyikar are one of the most ubiquitous species on Etharai, capable of living nearly everywhere. As such, they are also a species with a large amount of ethnicities, many of whom have vastly different beliefs and cultures.

Basic Information


Kuuyikar are a semi-aquatic sapient species with skin tones ranging between shades of green and blue. They have gill-like organs on their cheeks, which in some sub-species of Kuuyik are vestigial but in others still serve a purpose.
Kuuyikar have a basic arrangement of four limbs: two arms, and two legs. They have webbed fingers and toes, though the amount of webbing does vary depending on sub-species.
Kuuyikar, on average, stand at around 6-7 feet tall. Most of this height comes from their legs; they have much shorter torsos in comparison.

Genetics and Reproduction

Kuuyikar are capable of sexual reproduction. The two most common sexes among Kuuyikar can be described as female and male, though due to Kuuyik genetics, it is possible to have other sexes than these two. Typically, Kuuyikar reproduce via a pairing of a male and a female, but in rarer cases, two females are capable of creating offspring as well.

Growth Rate & Stages

Kuuyikar have three "stages" in their lives, which can be labelled as infancy, childhood, and adulthood. During infancy, a Kuuyik is entirely dependant on their parents for survival, requiring constant attention from a caretaker. Once a Kuuyik reaches childhood, they tend to have a natural wanderlust, wanting to explore the world, and particularly being drawn to water. Once they reach adulthood this sense somewhat fades,

Ecology and Habitats

Most data suggest that Kuuyikar are best suited for coastal life. However, they have since moved to nearly every settlement on the planet, likely as a result of their innate sense of wanderlust. Because of this, there are Kuuyikar living on mountains, rolling hills, and every other biome imaginable on Etharai.

Dietary Needs and Habits

For a larger species, Kuuyikar need surprisingly little food. What they do eat, they are able to make a use for nearly anything they consume, and they can eat almost everything, even minerals or things toxic to other species, so long as it will fit down their throat or can be bitten and chewed. As such, much of Kuuyik cuisine incorporates elements that other species do not find appealing, or in some cases, can't eat.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Kuuyikar are generally thought of as a highly intelligent species, though their intelligence varies just as much as any of the other sapient Etharyan species. Many notable technomancers have been Kuuyik, though just as many have been other species as well. Kuuyik children tend to take a liking to Amyth, though it's unclear if this is biological or cultural.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Kuuyik ears are larger and pointed, and Kuuyikar have excellent hearing both above and underwater. This exceptional hearing also allows them to pick up on less prominent aspects of speech, able to nearly unfailingly discern the emotional state of creatures they are talking to.
Kuuyikar do not, however, have particularly good vision. Their pupils do not adjust to differing levels of light very well, so they can very easily be blinded by sudden increases in light levels or take forever to get used to sudden darkness.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Kuuyik cultures, while widely varied, all have mostly the same naming traditions. Kuuyikar remain unnamed until they reach childhood, when they are then given a name that suits their interests, behaviours, traits, or other aspect of their identity. These names typically also have some tie to or mention of nature, though this is not always the case. These names take the form of a short hyphenated phrases, usually in the present progressive tense.
Generally, a Kuuyik can tell what culture another Kuuyik is from by their name. Kuuyikar who live near the coast may name their children names like Swims-With-Splash or Temperament-Of-Waves. However, a Kuuyik from the mountains may be named something like Climbs-With-Ease or Falls-Like-Rocks.
While Kuuyik names do not always represent positive aspects of a Kuuyik, they generally still take pride in them. The names, positive or negative, represent that they've made a mark on their community, or done something memorable. Kuuyikar do not like to shorten their names, and think of being given nicknames as a personal insult to them.
Kuuyik Holding Flowers by notahumanhand
150 yrs.
Average Height
6-7 ft.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
There are many different variations of skin that Kuuyikar can have. Many are mostly solid-coloured, with hues ranging between greens and blues. However, there are some Kuuyikar that have splotches of two different colours. These Kuuyikar are seen as highly attractive and desireable by most other Kuuyikar.

Kuuyot: A Culture of Flowers

For as long as any living Kuuyik can remember, flowers have held great cultural significance to every Kuuyikar ethnicity. To the Kuuyik, flowers represent the innate beauty of the world and their connection to it. Flowers are common gifts given in the process of courting, as well as presents to family members or people one holds close. As such, certain flowers have developed certain meanings to the Kuuyik. Some are more broad and symbollic, while others can be incredibly specific. This aspect of Kuuyik culture is known as Kuuyot.

A Nomadic People

While most Kuuyikar eventually settle down to a permanent residence, this is not always the case. Many adult Kuuyikar remain nomadic, moving between districts and residences their entire lives. This is a widely accepted lifestyle among the Kuuyikar, and many will offer free lodging in their homes for any travelling Kuuyikar in the area.

The Creation of the Driftboat

Walks-On-Leaves was one of the most well-known Kuuyik technomancers, and for good reason. They were the inventor of the driftboat, a type of flying vehicle that travels via the movements of Auras. The inspiration for this invention was to allow for a more streamlined way to travel; the inventor themself enjoyed a nomadic lifestyle, and found travel over land indirect and annoying. While it is more generally used for many purposes across Etharai, this invention is to this day well-used among Kuuyik communities, with some families choosing to live permanently in driftboats refitted to accomodate for daily living, and others gifting smaller ones to their children to allow them to explore and travel.


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