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Technomancy is the practice and study of the intersection between magic and technology. It ranges from development of machines that are able to measure or display nearby magic, to machines that would be able to harness magic on their own. Technomancy also deals with technology that requires magic to work, but does not interact with magic on its own. Safety guidelines for technomancy are established and upheld by the Office of Technomantic Research Health and Safety, or OTRHS.

Office of Technomantic Research Health and Safety
Organization | Apr 12, 2024

The organisation that creates and enforces guidelines for workplace and consumer safety regarding technomantic research

"If I just fasten this a bit tighter... and flick this lever here... OK, now as long as the capacitor holds- shit."
— Struggling technomancer

Notable Technomancers

Prolific scientific writer, responsible for the discovery of arcanoelectric currents.
Primary inventor and mind behind the Driftboat.
Child prodigy and inventor of the first prototype of the SET model robot.


Research in the field of technomancy is often less about discovery and more about creation. Many commonly-used inventions have come from skilled technomancers - in fact, there are very few inventions nowadays that do not incorporate technomantic ideas in some way.
There are guidelines on how to conduct safe research into technomancy, which are separate depending on the type of research being done. Technomantic research is divided into three classes: Class-A research, Class-T research, and Class-O research. Each of these classes has their own safety guidelines and regulations to follow, as dictated by OTRHS.

Class-A Safety Regulations

What is Class-A research? In technomancy, Class-A refers to anything having to do with Amyth, but not Thyic. Class-A technology is technology that only interacts with Amyth, and Class-A research is any research involving such technology.
Regulations: When researching technology that makes use of Amyth or interacts with Amyth in some way, all technology is required to have an emergency shut-off in case Amyth levels become too high or there is any interference. In addition, species with unprotected eyes must wear eye protection at all times when dealing with experimental technologies.

Class-T Safety Regulations

What is Class-A research? In technomancy, Class-T refers to anything having to do with Thyic, but not Amyth. Class-T technology is technology that only interacts with Thyic, and Class-T research is any research involving such technology.
Regulations: When researching technology that makes use of or harnesses Thyic, the same regulations as Class-A apply. In addition, any metals used both in the technology being researched and in the rest of the lab must be non-reactive to Thyic, and any technologies meant to store Thyic must automatically shut off if they reach a maximum capacity.

Class-O Safety Regulations

What is Class-O research? In technomancy, Class-O refers to technology that interacts with both Amyth and Thyic on some level. This kind of technology, Class-O technology, can be dangerous, and Class-O research dealing with this technology has some additional guidelines because of this.
Regulations: When researching Class-O technology, the regulations from both Class-A and Class-T apply. In addition, the minimum number of people that can be in the room to safely perform the research must be in the room, with no fewer and no excess. Work alone on Class-O technology is not permitted.

Recent Advancements in Technomancy

While the field of technomancy has progressed a significant amount over the time that it's existed, there are a few more recent advancements that will shape the way of the future of the field. Most notably have been the invention of the Thyic Battery, able to store and release small amounts of Thyic energy, as well as robotic technology that can be controlled remotely. These accomplishments combined could spell the beginning of a new era of technomancy.

The Future of Technomancy

While nothing can be said for certain, many technomancers forsee a certain path for the future of their field. As technology improves, the possibility of a breakthrough allowing for machines to actually harness Thyic on their own is close at hand. This possibility is highly controversial, however. Those who see Thyic as a gift view it as heresy to allow a non-living thing to harness it, and those who are against Thyic altogether retain their views against it.


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