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Thyic Battery

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The Thyic Battery is a device designed to store arcanoelectric currents for short periods of time. It is a fairly new technology, still being developed and rolled out. However, it is a highly promising technology, as it allows for magic to be stored and used later, allowing the Thyic reserves of individuals to remain intact.


Before this invention, arcanoelectric currents had been discovered by Hathrui'meathas'havari only a few years prior. Okch was working on an unrelated technomantic research topic, involving a rare metal known as Mythehr. Thanks to Meathas' research, Okch had a way to measure the arcanoelectric currents of the metal, and due to the magical nature of his research, he soon discovered that Mythehr was capable of holding an arcanoelectric charge for a short time before dissipating. More importantly, however, he discovered that this charge could be released from the metal, allowing the magic to be used for something else.


Technomancers believe that the development of this invention will lead to the creation of great things, as well as breakthroughs in the field of technomancy. In addition to this, the battery will likely allow for much more freedom in the operation of magically-fueled vehicles, or other inventions that have historically required consistent attendance.


Thyic batteries are formed with a casing of a magic-resistant metal, such as xoriunum. Inside of this casing is usually a liquid of some kind that is capable of keeping the charge inside of the battery. Suspended within this liquid is the mythehr itself. There is a node at the top of the battery, that is where the charge is transferred to, and there is a small indent at the bottom allowing for the charging of the battery.
That's... wait a minute, that's not doing what I think it's doing, is it?
Okch, inventor of the Thyic Battery
Access & Availability
The Thyic battery is not very accessable to most people, as it is still a cutting-edge technology and has not gone through enough proper testing to enter the common use. However, it is still being worked on, and researchers hope that soon they will be able to introduce the invention to the greater world.


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