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Tarrock is a material that can be found within the submerged caverns. It is a very sturdy material, able to be used as the base layer for many buildings. As such, miners in the submerged caverns will send shipments of tarrock to the surface, generally in exchange for surface goods such as flowers and land-based food.


Physical Characteristics

Tarrock is a darker stone, bordering between dark grey and black. It has a rough exterior and is somewhat porous, but the holes throughout the material form in shapes that actually strengthen the material, rather than weaken it.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Tarrock is what is known as a magic dampener, meaning that it is harder for Auras to pass through the stone. Because of this, it is useful for construction in areas high in magic, such as the magical wastes, where the excess magic in the air can be dangerous.


Tarrock can be found in the depths of submerged caverns, well beneath the surface of the oceans. It is mined primarily by water-breathing species such as the kuuyikar, but other species are capable of mining it with the right equipment. There have been attempts to recreate the material artificially, though none have been successful, as the formation of the air pockets within the tarrock is only possible in depts with a certain water flow and level of pressure that has not been able to be replicated.


Tarrock is an incredibly durable material, and it does not break down easily. As such, it can last for an incredible amount of time before needing to be reinforced, typically up to centuries if left alone.

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