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Auras are magical fields that surround anything with Amyth. They are made of residual energy eminating from a being or item, similar to evaporation as the Amyth depletes and is replenished. As they are being expelled, the Auras generate some risidual energy that the rest of the world can utilise with the right technology.

The Cycle of Energy

In nature, there is a cycle of magical energy that occurs. Magical energy is provided from the heart of Etharai through bloodlines, and then flows into the earth, or sometimes absorbed by certain creatures. Then, the magic is used for a number of different things: it may be used for movement, growth, or hunting. Carefully done, it can be harnessed by people.
Regardless of how it is used, it use then causes excess magical energy to exude from the creature, in the form of an Aura. Once this energy disappates, it is soaked back into the bloodlines and is returned to the heart. There, it is used to re-energise the heart as more energy is pumped out.
Metaphysical, Arcane

Aurology: The Study of Auras

Aurology is the study of Auras. It involves careful measuring of Aura levels, the testing of different object and material interaction with Auras, and testing Aura-to-Aura interactions. It is a sub-field of Amythology, the study of Amyth. This is not to be confused with Auramancy, the harnessing of Auras.

Detection and Measurement

Auras are usually not visible to the naked eye, with the exception of some species that are able to see them. Every living thing has an Aura, though the strength and colour depends on the amount of magic that is affecting them and the type of magic they have used or been exposed to.
With modern technology, Auras can be measured with a device known as a visemeter. This allows technologies that rely on Auras to be much more accurate, as they are able to be measured and tracked. There is currently ongoing research into how to automate this process, but for now it does require a person to attend it.


Auras can be utilised for a great number of purposes. Many technologies, including the driftboat, rely on forms of Auras to operate. Auras can also be measured to determine how two things are interacting - if mixing a magical material with another causes a larger Aura to eminate, that means that something notable happened. This can be used to drive research.

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