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Visemeter (/vɪz'ɛm.ɪˌtɜɹ/)

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A visemeter is a device used to measure the presence and types of nearby Auras. It was one of the first breakthroughs in the field of Amythology, and sprouted the sub-field of Aurology upon its invention.
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The visemeter's first form was a small wooden box with living plant matter held inside. Most commonly, the plant used in a visemeter was either sparkflower or rot orchid, both plants that have a high reactivity to magic.
In more modern versions of the machine, it instead makes use of essence of rot, a liquid extracted from rot orchids that lasts much longer and is much easier to use and measure without relying on visual information from the plant. Newer visemeters will measure the levels of this essence, which will rise upon interaction with magic and decrease when no longer in its vicinity. Some versions of the visemeter instead use sparkroot, the separated root of a sparkflower, which is less accurate but has a higher longevity. Such visemeters are used in areas that are not as often maintained, to decrease the amount of time or trips spent replacing the material.


Visemeters are used in a wide variety of technologies, and are also used on their own a fair amount. Children are taught how to operate the most common types of visemeters early in school, and many courses in higher education explore more experimental applications of the technology.


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