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Aurology is the study of Auras, the visible fields of Amyth surrounding living or enchanted things. It is the basis for many other fields of study, including Auramancy and technomancy.


Auras are the living fields of magic surrounding things that are affected by it. All life is surrounded by an Aura, with few exceptions - those affected with conditions such as energy death, or creatures whose very biology rejects magic, such as the sophan. In addition, the bloodlines themselves carry strong enough Auras to greatly affect the land around them; this is transferred to movement in the rolling hills, growth in the megaforests, or even fog in the fogswept forests, along with many other forms that it takes.

Scientific Study

Auras are not innately visible to most species on the planet, with few exceptions. So, researchers in Aurology will utilise technology such as the visemeter to measure these Auras. From there, scientists are able to classify Auras and measure their interactions; this is the primary focus of the field. Research does have to be done with the proper precautions to avoid dangerous magic.

Advancements in Aurology

Recent study has shown many interesting properties of Auras; Rather than moving past or through one another like sound waves, Auras are amplified when they come into contact with another opposing Aura. This notable discovery allows for technology such as the arcane amplifier, a technology that increases the Auras surrounding an object. This then can allow for aeratic suspension of vehicles such as driftboats, allowing them to control their flight more so than usual. Currently, artificially-assisted suspention of aertrains is also being investigated as a possibility, something which could lessen the amount of effort used to operate the trains and potentially allowing them to be much more common and used.

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