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Energy Death

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Energy Death is a condition caused by overuse of Thyic that prevents the afflicted from being able to use, interact with, or see any form of magic, any active attempts to do so leading to arcane deterioration. The condition is highly preventable, though incurable. In the field of arcanopathology, it is considered an energophobic condition.

Transmission & Vectors

Energy death is something undergone by an individual as a direct consequence of their own actions, whether intentional or not. It is not a contagious illness, as it cannot be transmitted from one individual to another. A similar condition, known as arcane instability, is thought to be a version of this condition that was modified to be weaponsied during the War of World's End.


Energy death is caused by an overuse of Thyic, well being one's personal threshold for magic. Technically, the condition can also be caused by overuse of Amyth, though this is much more difficult to do and so much rarer of a cause. In order to go through Energy Death, a person first goes through the beginning stages of the slightly more curable Thyic collapse, and continue to use magic regardless of its symptoms.


There is no known cure for Energy Death, though once a person has gone through it, they do not experience most of its symptoms. The one remaining effect is the inability to use either form of magic, an effect which cannot be reversed through any known means.
Chronic, Acquired


Energy death is a highly presentable condition, if one knows the signs. Avoiding energy death is as simple as knowing one's personal threshold for magic, and being able to acknowledge and stop its use when one reaches this threshold. In the modern day, energy death is only ever a result of carelessness or neglect, either on the part of the afflicted or another involved individual.


Energy death starts out as a simple case of Thyic collapse, with fatigue marking its onset, which then turns into uncontrollable shaking. Headaches, nosebleeds, and aching pains are the next few symptoms of the condition, and mark progression into energy death.
Once a person has begun to undergo energy death, they remain in a shaking yet catatonic state similar to that of a seizure. It is important to protect the head and chest of the person experiencing the condition, as they are unable to control their own movements; doing so prevents them from sustaining brain damage and allows them to remain breathing during the process, aspects paramount to their survival and safety. As the condition continues, they may begin to spontaneously bleed on various parts of their body. Throughout this entire process, the afflicted remains conscious and aware. After the shaking has calmed down, it will take a few minutes for the individual to regain control of their motions. They may remain somewhat shaky for the rest of the day, or sometimes even up to a week.

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Terrifying. At least it's not fatal, but not being able to use magic must be so hard.

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yeah... its definitely not a fun experience to go through

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