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Arcanopathology is the study of conditions that are arcane in origin or in nature. This includes conditions that are caused by passive Amyth affects, overuse of Thyic, or other harmful magical side-effects.

Discovery & Classification

The first step to treating any magical condition is knowledge of its existence. A large part of arcanopathology is identifying and classifying the symptoms of conditions, and deciding what is classified as a new condition as opposed to what falls under pre-existing ones.
In order to aid in the process of describing magical conditions, there is a classification system used to describe all of the conditions within the field of arcanopathology. All arcane conditions can be split into one of the following categories:


There are a few things to be cautious of when researching arcane conditions. For research into contagious diseases, a certain level of containment is required depending on the threat that the disease poses. There are four levels of arcanobiosafety (ABS). For diseases that pose little to no threat to any sapient beings, but could have the potential to make some species sick in certain circumstances, ABSL-1 is required. For diseases that pose a moderate threat, but do not have the capacity to be lethal, ABSL-2 is required. ABSL-3 is required for permanently harmful or potentially lethal diseases that have treatments or cures, and ABSL-4 is required for lethal and contagious diseases with no known cure.
In addition, proper risk-assessment is a necessity when researching arcanopathology. Often, the only sources of study are people infected with such conditions, as it is difficult (if not impossible) to separate most arcane conditions from a host. Because of this, proper bedside manner is required for all arcanopathologists, and one must be able to weigh the risks of different possible experimental treatments, as lives are often at stake.
Research typically occurs in a secure and sterile lab setting, though this is not always possible. Some conditions progress far too quickly for a patient to be able to be moved to an ideal location. There are certain arcanopathologists who specialise in on-the-fly research wherever they are needed, which often provides fundamental information on conditions that move too quickly to properly study. This practice is risky, but required for conditions such as Nimi-amythyic Shock, which resolves in the span of 10 minutes and is often fatal.

Arcanobiosafety Levels

At ABSL-1, gloves, masks, and arcane shielding are required at all times when interacting with a disease. All surfaces must be easy to clean, and able to withstand simple cleansing Amyth.
At ABSL-2, all requirements from ABSL-1 are carried over. In addition, ABSL-2 laboratories must include both physical and magical disinfecting agents and washing stations, able to accomodate for the anatomy of all species that would be in the lab. Labs must also have access to incinerators and at least one Thyic Autoclave per room.
At ABSL-3, all requirements for the lower ABSL levels stand. In addition, air and Aura flow must be controlled in some manner, and the lab must have access to equipment that can physically and magically decontaminate any waste. ABSL-3 labs must have methods of safely decontaminating any person exiting the area from both magical and mundane contaminants.
ABSL-4 labs must incorporate all features from the lower ABSL levels. Researchers within such labs must also wear full body-covering suits that provide magical shielding at all times while within the lab. These labs must also be designed to prevent any possibility of contaminants leaving the labs.

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