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Thyic Autoclave

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A Thyic autoclave is a machine used to remove all traces of Thyic magic from items put inside. It can be made to be almost any size, but are typically large enough to hold whatever items a lab plans on researching.
Most Thyic autoclaves are not safe for living creatures or people, as they purge all magic within them - which is dangerous for any species that rely on magic to live, or even species that harness that magic. Any use of Thyic before entering a Thyic autoclave may cause one to be at risk of overexertion. The Thyic autoclave is especially dangerous for those who have experienced Energy Death, as the high amounts of magical energy the machine would expose them to could become fatal.

How it works:

When an item is entered into a Thyic autoclave and the machine is activated, it creates a surge of Thyic energy that overwhelms the magic within that item, short-circuiting the Aura and dissapating it. This process is highly energy-intensive to perform, so should not be used too often.


The Thyic autoclave was invented during the early stages of the development of the field of Arcanopathology. It was very quickly realised that the levels of energy that would be dealt with doing research in this field was dangerous, and in order to contain such energy to within a lab setting, the Thyic autoclave was developed. The original idea for the machine was something that would create a vacuum of energy, which would coax any residual Auras on an object to be sucked out through the machine. This idea did work, but the dangerous magic from the item was then transferred to the machine. Due to a failure to properly use Aura-measuring technology or magic, this glaring flaw was not noticed until too late, when a student working with this prototype touched the machine and was shocked with all of its stored energy, causing that student to experience nimi-amythyic shock. Due to the quick response and actions of their peers, that student survived, though they did undergo Energy Death. This method of magical disinfection was then established to not be safe and functional, but the idea to overwhelm the item with magic instead was then born. It was not long until the first Thyic autoclave was invented after that.

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