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Thyic Collapse

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Thyic collapse is an energophobic condition caused by an overuse of Thyic. This is one of the more mild conditions of this cause, with other more extreme ones being energy death and arcane deterioration.


Thyic collapse is non-contagious, unlike many other conditions that are caused by overuse of Thyic. It is caused by pushing oneself slightly over their magical capabilities, requiring them to use excess energy from the rest of their body to power the magic, which is harmful as this is not selective and can take energy from important body processes. This then causes those parts of the body to try to take energy back from the magic-based organs in the body, which have already been expended.


The major symptom of Thyic collapse is the permanent restriction of Thyic thresholds for the affected individual. However, multiple additional symptoms will occur over the course of this condition's acquisition.
The first sign of Thyic collapse actually occurs before the condition takes hold. This sign is immense fatigue, and if an individual stops casting magic as soon as they experience this condition, they can prevent it from continuing, and with the proper rest it will go away, usually within a day. The first symptom of Thyic collapse, once it has taken hold, is uncontrollable shaking. After this has started, reversing the effects of the condition are impossible. If someone stops using magic at this point, the condition will not get much worse, aside from more intense shaking. However, they continue to use magic, they will first experience headaches, nosebleeds, and aching pains. These symptoms will become more severe the more that Thyic is used, before the condition becomes energy death. Further Thyic use after that point turns into arcane deterioration.
Chronic, Acquired

An Experimental Cure

Arcanopathologists have been working on developing a cure or reversal for Thyic collapse. There has been some success in this endeavour, through a mix of medicines and cutting-edge physiomagical therapy.
This potential cure is going through testing processes, though one concern is that those who have experienced Thyic collapse once may be more prone to experiencing it again in the future.
This concern is causing hesitations in making the potential cure publically available, at least until more research and data is collected on the long-term effects.

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