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Fogswept Forest

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You said there would be "light fog". This is not "light fog", this is intense fog on steroids!
For the region? This is about as light as it gets.

Well, you could have communicated that a little better!
— Argument between a tourist and tour guide


Fogswept forests are located on the sides of mountains, generally giving them a hilly, if not mountainous, terrain. The lands are packed with trees, mostly coniferous, such as the fogpiercer pine, a tree that rises high above the fog layers, and the singing cedar, which interacts with the moisture and wind in the air to make melodic sounds.


One of the most common ground plants found in the fogswept forest is the cynnaberry bush, along with the jewelled thicketshrub, both of which produce berries. Another plant that grows in this biome is the questlenut bush, which provides edible nuts.
There are many small animals that eat the leaves berries, or nuts of these plants. nightfellow squirrel live in nests made in the high-up branches of yellow sequoia trees, and xkhalock beetles make their homes in the dirt floors of the forest.
Some predators exist as well in the fogswept forests, including the zephyrcreeper, a terrifyingly stealthy hunter, and the eyeless owl, a bird that hunts through its unmatched sense of hearing.

Semi-Sentient Monsters

Alongside the usual flora and fauna, a type of creature lives in the fogswept forest, known as the foglurker. The foglurker stalks the mists, and listens for the voices of speaking creatures - usually sapient. It then tries to separate the creatures from one another, and lure them to it using the voices of their friends. It then kills and eats the people.
This creature is the reason for many of the warnings surrounding these forests; however, this does not stop people from wanting to explore, and despite being advised against travel in these regions, the foglurkers still claim countless victims.

Localized Phenomena

The fogswept forests are constantly covered in a thick layer of fog, which is how they get their name. This fog is a magical phenomenon, caused long ago during the War of World's End, when chemical weapons were used in the forests. These chemicals were met with resistance from the local flora, and the toxins in the air were overcome with moisture released from the plants. This caused a chain reaction that coated the environment in a thick fog, which on lighter days allows one to see around 5 feet in front of them, but on thicker days barely allows for vision directly in front of oneself.

Dangers of the Forest

Due to the constant fog layering the forest floors, this biome is incredibly difficult to navigate, and incredibly easy to get lost or lose companions in. As such, any travellers are highly recommended to have groups of 3 people, no larger or no smaller, and to always travel with a tour guide native to the area.


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