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Cynnaberry Bush

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EW! What is this!
Cynnaberry! You asked me to point out something edible.
You didn't mention that it tasted horrible!
— Two arguing travellers
The cynnaberry bush is a rare source of safe, non-toxic foraging food in the fogswept forest. It grows low to the ground, often hard to spot with the thick fog covering the region. Its berries taste earthy and pungent, with a brash aftertaste that is anything but pleasant. However, its safety to eat for any species makes it a highly important part of the forest's ecosystem.
Geographic Distribution


Cynnaberry bushes are woody shrubs that grow close to the ground. They have wooded stems and thorned branches that grow in straight lines angled from either the plant's stem or another branch. They tend to form angles in their growth, appearing almost unnaturally straight, pointed, or slanted. The leaves grow on the end of the bush, and are shaped somewhat like rhombuses. Their leaves are thicker than most, though their edges are thin and serrated. Its flowers, which eventually form into the fruits of the plant, are grey in colour, with nine near-perfectly round petals and a black centre. The berries grow in groups of three from each flower, and have firm exteriors and crunchy, yet slightly watery, interiors.


Cynnaberries are incredibly difficult to get a hold of, considering their environment, and do not have a particularly great taste to them. They are primarily eated by travellers who are lost in the fogswept forests, or tourists who have been tricked into eating them by a tour guide. However, this does not mean that the rest of the plant is not useful. Its leaves can be ground into a paste that aids in closing open wounds when spread on skin, and prevents infections. It can also act as a local painkiller. However, aquiring this paste does tend to result in causing more injuries than the collected leaves would kill, so people tend to stick to harvesting from plants growing on the outskirts of the biome.


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