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The foglurker is a mysterious creature living in the Fog and other fogswept lands, such as the fogswept forest. They are known to hunt by mimicing voices to lure their sapient prey deeper into the fog and away from their friends, now vulnerable to attacks from the beast.

Basic Information


No one knows what the foglurker truly looks like. Those who have gotten close enough to see it have fallen for its traps, and are promptly eaten as soon as they are able to lay their eyes upon it.
Some have reported seeing eight glowing red eyes peering at them through the fog. These reports are somewhat questionable, as the visibility of the fog is notably very low, and those close enough to see the eyes of the creature would likely soon become its prey. However, these reports should not be discounted on this factor alone.

Ecology and Habitats

Habitats of the Foglurker
The foglurker is not just exclusive to fogswept lands, as its name and the folk tales surrounding it may suggest. While it is in those areas that its presence is widely known and acknowledged, the creature can be found in nearly any biome. It seems to thrive in colder climates with cloudier or lower-visibility areas, preferring mountainous areas or those prone to blizzards. However, they are highly adaptable creatures, and can be found almost anywhere.
Average Height
6-7 ft.
Geographic Distribution

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

The foglurker is remarkably intelligent, able to not only mimic sounds it has heard, but also make new ones based on those. Given a few words from one person, they can mimic other sentences that they have never heard that person say. They are thought to have a basic understanding of language, though this has never been proven and there are many who doubt this.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The foglurker has an excellent sense of hearing, and can mimic the noises of anything that it hears. While it primarily uses this ability to mimic voices, it is also capable of mimicking things such as landslides, rocks or trees falling, or general animal noises. These are the abilities that it uses to hunt, luring travellers in with screams for help, or the voices of their already-dead friends.

Foglurkers & Culture

Foglurkers appear in multiple cultures, often in stories of warning, tragedy, or strife. They are often used as a trickster character, sometimes anthropomorphised into a more sentient portrayal to display taboos and other aspects of what not to do within communities. They can be told about in scary stories, horror stories and the like. They are typically portrayed as mysterious beasts, large and threatening, with voices of family and loved ones coming from their mouths instead of the typical lumbering growls.


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