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The Fog

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A biome closely related to the fogswept forests, the Fog is a large expanse of land coated by a heavy layer of fog. In the outside areas of the biome, this fog starts off thin and gradually becomes thicker - it is said that in the centre, the fog gets so thick that most species' vision will only see less than a foot forwards.

Source of the Fog

The origins of the layers of fog coating the areas known as the Fog are unclear. It is widely agreed upon that the source in magical in nature - though, strangely, no Auras radiate from this land. There are some theories as to its origins, though they are mere speculation without any evidence.

Dangers of the Fog

Unlike the majority of the locations of the planet, the Fog is entirely barren, devoid of all life - with one exception. The foglurker, as its name suggests, lurks deep within the densely-packed fog, luring outsiders in with its voice mimicking capabilities before revealing its monstrous true form, consuming the unlucky traveller.
In addition to the foglurker, a species known to reside within the Fog is the fogswimmer. This large, 4-5 foot tall and 5-6 foot long fish-like creature has a light enough body to swim in the dense fog. It has an appendage producing forms of light that appear to those trapped within the fog as an area where it is beginning to thin - so that they inevitably find their way into the toothy jaws of the fogswimmer.
There are theories of other creatures living within the Fog, most of the stories the same type or very similar of predators luring prey to them. However, due to the nature of the Fog, these claims are incredibly difficult to investigate.
Folk tales, songs, and stories all warn of the dangers of the Fog, and of staying out at all costs. It is ingrained in the brains of any children living near it to never, under any circumstances, enter the Fog. Regardless of any voices calling out to them, regardless of any pleading.

Monsters in the Fog

Lurking deep within the Fog are a great number of monstrous creatures, out to kill. Constantly at each others throats, these creatures are relentless hunters and pose a great risk to anyone who dares venture inside.
Inhabiting Species


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